Definition of heartlessly in English:



  • See heartless

    • ‘She had never been lectured so brutally, so heartlessly!’
    • ‘Sounds like a clear cut case of rapacious health care companies heartlessly trying to squeeze the hospitals for the benefit of their greedy shareholders, doesn't it?’
    • ‘‘Mothers, who were accused of heartlessly abandoning their babies will be better understood as the young girls who were left no options by elders of the past,’ she says.’
    • ‘On Mozart's funeral a spoil-sport historian once again gives short shrift to our cherished melancholic picture of a great man just heartlessly chucked into a hole.’
    • ‘Our minister of justice is getting paid very well, I'm sure, for being assigned this position, but in the meantime he can heartlessly look the other way, and allow innocent people's lives to be destroyed.’