Definition of heartiness in English:



  • See hearty

    • ‘Tormaukin is the epitome of the smart country hotel and restaurant, nestling in a valley with the sort of cold, clean, air that burns city-dwelling lungs, inducing an instant feeling of profound heartiness.’
    • ‘‘Good day’ she began, with a heartiness that made the bent old creature straighten himself and look at her.’
    • ‘There's a heartiness to the soup that is so nourishing, it will make you sing.’
    • ‘The audience applauded the lead singers with full volume and heartiness.’
    • ‘‘So it is, so it is,’ said the Mole, with great heartiness.’
    • ‘It was fantastic and different, somehow managing to bring out the delicateness of fish and the heartiness of stew at the same time.’
    • ‘I found Lear's great heartiness could live in a small frame.’
    • ‘Not only does their floury heartiness inherently make them a comfort food, but they lend themselves to a variety of simple dishes and rarely require much hassle.’
    • ‘This country has never really got to grips with cold soups - soup is meant to heat us up, we think, comfort us with its heartiness and warm the cockles of our hearts.’
    • ‘Perhaps, in his romanticism about the heartiness and frankness of English football, he found the Leicester doggedness in defence enthralling and cheering.’
    • ‘But he didn't because he had never been that way, he had never boomed and he had certainly never slapped anyone on the back with anything approaching heartiness.’
    • ‘Some people crave the heartiness; others, the simplicity.’
    • ‘The post-Duchamp art world has often seemed a little cold, slick, uniform - a place where directness, heartiness, earthy good humour, celebration, anger and pity have little room, where a know-all irony stills the laughter.’
    • ‘For proof of my parents' heartiness, or perhaps their insanity, I point to one of our family vacations.’
    • ‘The couscous wasn't the most interesting dish of the night, and the flavours didn't really leap off the plate, but this is generally a pretty basic meal anyway, and it had the filling heartiness of a good stew.’
    • ‘Because of their heartiness, thick soups, such as the chowders and stews, would most likely be too filling as an appetizer (for some).’
    • ‘‘Rory left before the end of the summer,’ he told her with false heartiness.’
    • ‘He was clearly reserved and rarely affable: he had little of Henry VIII's false heartiness nor of Elizabeth I's adroit condescensions.’
    • ‘‘That will bring us both pleasure,’ I said, and my heartiness was real this time.’
    • ‘His stock in trade was a brisk heartiness which at times bordered on the devastatingly brutal.’