Definition of heartily in English:



  • 1In a hearty manner.

    ‘she laughed heartily’
    ‘they dined heartily’
    • ‘I heartily disagree about that disconnect between parents and childless people.’
    • ‘I heartily doubt that warfare was ever like that, and it is certainly not like that now.’
    • ‘It did my heart good, as well as my lungs, for I laughed heartily throughout.’
    • ‘James imagined what his friend would go through for a few days and laughed heartily.’
    • ‘We all read out our stories and everyone laughed heartily at mine.’
    • ‘Young and old join in the fun, clapping hands, singing heartily, laughing and even dancing to the music.’
    • ‘People clapped continuously, laughed heartily and danced in gay abandon.’
    • ‘He threw back his head and laughed heartily, for his appetite for football gossip matched his encyclopedic knowledge on the game itself.’
    • ‘I'd heartily recommend this book to anyone interested in exploring the complex relationship between seeker and saint.’
    • ‘I have since gone out and bought the entire album, and must heartily recommend it to absolutely everybody.’
    • ‘I am sure your father would heartily approve any efforts to complete his peace efforts of ten years ago.’
    • ‘He laughs heartily, he has a slue of female friends, including myself, and he genuinely cares about all of us.’
    • ‘I thought it was thoroughly entertaining and would recommend it heartily.’
    • ‘Her colleagues laughed heartily that day in Parliament and poked fun at me thereafter when we met socially.’
    • ‘In my defence, I laughed heartily when Leonardo got his, but that's no excuse.’
    • ‘At one point Suzanne called Terri the bionic woman and I heard Terri laugh out loud heartily.’
    • ‘She pained a mustache and a goatee on him and laughed heartily at her accomplishment.’
    • ‘The audience sensed that, and laughed heartily at the reading of the diary entries.’
    • ‘I found myself chuckling over that, and then laughing heartily.’
    • ‘You'll find very few people that disagree heartily with this intention but reality, as we all know, is an entirely different beast.’
    • ‘And the audience proved it in ample measure by heartily applauding the film personalities.’
    • ‘He laughed heartily as he kissed her and she eagerly returned his passion.’
    • ‘Alexander laughed heartily at that, and the sound of his deep chuckle pleased her far more than she would have liked to admit.’
    wholeheartedly, sincerely, genuinely, unfeignedly, warmly, cordially, deeply, profoundly, from the bottom of one's heart, from the heart, with all one's heart, heart and soul
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  • 2[as submodifier] To a great degree; very (especially with reference to personal feelings)

    ‘they were heartily sick of the whole subject’
    • ‘We are all heartily sick of the noise and disruption these fireworks cause.’
    • ‘Over the years I've loved his work, been heartily sick of it, and got back into it time and time again.’
    • ‘How heartily sick of it all must be the traders, bus companies, taxi drivers etc.’
    • ‘If you're heartily sick of being told how good this film is then sorry, but you need to drop everything and go and see it right now.’
    • ‘Only once we were all heartily sick and tired and ready to lynch him did he release us to the reception.’
    • ‘I'd be heartily sick of dusty decorations by then, so I've some understanding of the reason behind the withering glance.’
    • ‘When the last Boers eventually surrendered, in May 1902, most Britons were heartily sick of the war.’
    • ‘I am heartily sick of people in shops demanding money with no social niceties.’
    • ‘With a week to go until polling day, it seems television viewers are already heartily sick of the news coverage of the election.’
    • ‘It was most irritating and Grace was already heartily sick of their visitors, who had as yet not indicated just how long they intended to stay.’
    • ‘Although I'm heartily sick of three letter acronyms, NBA sounds impressive.’
    • ‘The BW Party is heartily sick of pensioners going on and on about how the country owes them and how hard up they are.’
    • ‘I am heartily against the Ivory Tower which has become a very real danger.’
    • ‘And a lot of people in the Old Australia, the Hansonite tendency for example, got heartily sick of it.’
    • ‘And by that time people will be heartily sick and tired of hearing about National's tax cuts.’
    • ‘We want to get the job done, and we're both of us heartily sick of it.’
    • ‘It's been weeks now, and I'm heartily sick of listening to the wind howling.’
    • ‘SIR, - I am heartily sick of hearing claims that the A59 is the most dangerous road in the country.’
    • ‘By this time, she too will be heartily sick of her sugary sweet moniker, and will probably change it by deed poll to Susan or Jane.’
    • ‘It was funny at first but now I think everyone is heartily sick of it and I will be relieved when the fad blows over.’
    very, very much, completely, entirely, totally, absolutely, extremely, thoroughly, fully, decidedly, really, exceedingly, immensely, uncommonly, extraordinarily, most, downright, one hundred per cent
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