Definition of hearthrug in English:



  • A rug laid in front of a fireplace to protect the carpet or floor.

    • ‘There was a rocking chair that sat next to a fireplace, which held a medium sized cooking cauldron that was spilling ashes onto the burgundy hearthrug.’
    • ‘Later that night, after he had carried her inside, he lay next to her on the hearthrug, listening to her breathe, not quite believing what had just happened.’
    • ‘But while mum has passed her love of cats to me, she has not managed to do the same with her passion for clearing up after them when they drag half the garden through the cat flap, or conduct a massacre on the hearthrug.’
    • ‘It's all so-and-so happening upon someone in woodland seclusion, playing in a pool, or wrestling on the hearthrug.’
    • ‘The recommended procedure was to have a hot bath, put on the special goggles supplied by the manufacturers and then loll at ease on the hearthrug or the bed in the bright white beam of ultra-violet light.’
    • ‘She was asleep, lying beside him on the hearthrug; hair fanned about her almost like a halo.’
    • ‘Both are cats, cousins of our amiable purring friend of the hearthrug, but the tiger is king of the family.’
    • ‘On an odometer basis, my perambulations around the hearthrug by rocking chair are infinitely more dangerous than an astronaut's wildest rides through space.’
    • ‘An actor friend of my partner's is so all-over hairy that my young sons assume he is a hearthrug and sit on him.’
    • ‘There was also a small fireplace, dark, with the grate closed and a simple hearthrug before it.’
    rug, runner, carpet, drugget
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