Definition of heartbroken in English:



  • Suffering from overwhelming distress:

    ‘he was heartbroken at the thought of leaving the house’
    • ‘I am heartbroken that people can do this kind of thing to my city.’
    • ‘Frightened and heartbroken, she flees with her husband close behind, eager to win back her love.’
    • ‘As news of the shocking rampage spread, heartbroken relatives arrived to inspect their loved one's graves.’
    • ‘We accept that Thomas died but we can't accept his suffering and we are all heartbroken.’
    • ‘He was heartbroken and humiliated by our war on Mexico, which had never attacked us.’
    • ‘He's left feeling heartbroken and abused; she has exploited his emotional vulnerability.’
    • ‘Although Gloria was heartbroken, she continued her fight but the cancer grew, despite radiotherapy.’
    • ‘Everybody in Scottish rugby, including the players and management, will be heartbroken this morning.’
    • ‘It was a godsend, but I was also heartbroken - that collection had many rare stamps.’
    • ‘I eagerly await the messages, the pleas, the heartbroken fans, all appealing for them to do it at the end of April instead.’
    • ‘I think he was utterly heartbroken when Josh announced that her marriage had been arranged and she was moving to Canada.’
    • ‘Don't even think about it if you don't want to be disappointed and heartbroken.’
    • ‘A terminally-ill teenager was left heartbroken when thieves ruined what could be her last Christmas.’
    • ‘And the heartbroken grandmother ended up being forced to turn away her family for Christmas dinner.’
    • ‘And how much distress will it cause to the many children who will be heartbroken if this shameful act is carried out?’
    • ‘Although I am numb and heartbroken, it is a pleasure to be with him and his courage has taught me never to fear anything that life throws at me.’
    • ‘You cannot live well without a friend, and if Jesus is not your best friend, you will end up being heartbroken and desolate.’
    • ‘A devastated mum is heartbroken after thieves stole a tender tribute from her daughter's grave.’
    • ‘Now his heartbroken mum Diane and wife Emma are urging others to carry donor cards and make their families aware of their wishes.’
    • ‘I remember being heartbroken when I found out Santa Claus did not exist.’
    anguished, devastated, broken-hearted, heavy-hearted, suffering, grieving, grief-stricken, grieved, inconsolable, crushed, shattered, desolate, despairing
    upset, distressed, miserable, sorrowful, sad, dejected, dispirited, disheartened, downcast, disconsolate, crestfallen, disappointed, despondent, in low spirits
    choked, down in the mouth, down in the dumps, cut up
    dolorous, heartsick
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