Definition of heartbreakingly in English:



  • See heartbreaking

    as submodifier ‘the children's expectations were heartbreakingly wrong’
    • ‘That gap, that human gap between ethics and the law is something you explore very powerfully in this book and, heartbreakingly I think for us and yourself, come away with no answers, as you've just said.’
    • ‘Every word of this story was heartbreakingly true, and it pains me to think that all the terrible things I saw happening there during my four years of high school didn't magically cease to occur after I graduated and went to college.’
    • ‘An apologia, even when desperately, heartbreakingly wrong, is a sort of bridge between evil and good, an acknowledgement that there is something here that needs explaining.’
    • ‘Both jobs offer all the possibilities in the world, including fame, success, travel and personal achievement, but things can also go terribly, heartbreakingly wrong if the young hopefuls are rejected.’
    • ‘Though their argument is supposed to be about the painting, it soon balloons into an examination of their 15-year friendship, with the heartbreakingly accurate verbal blows that only old friends can land.’