Definition of heartbreaker in English:



  • 1A person who is very attractive but who is irresponsible in emotional relationships.

    ‘he was such a heartbreaker, charming and incorrigible’
    • ‘From that, I'm just taking a wild guess that you're insinuating that Jude's really good-looking (as most heartbreakers are).’
    • ‘People - you've said he's a heartbreaker a little bit.’
    • ‘I support her through these mild, hairline heart-fracture moments, assuring her she will ultimately be the real heartbreaker.’
    • ‘People of all sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, genders, nationalities and colors have the potential to be perennial heartbreakers or devoted lifelong partners.’
    • ‘Plus a good guy like Ant was a distraction from hot heartbreakers.’
    • ‘Each narrator is an archetype - the spurned lover, the heartbreaker, the battered wife - and explores a different wrinkle of the urban African-American female experience.’
    • ‘But Bigelow is a heartbreaker and a villain and takes many a girl for a ride on his carousel.’
    • ‘Emily was Donna's twin sister; the two were considered two of the biggest heartbreakers in New York.’
    • ‘Good luck, Kobe, and all you other heartbreakers.’
    • ‘You could not be a heartbreaker and a mother… You could not, in our culture, easily pair motherhood with many other alluring archetypes.’
    • ‘Wittingham, a tall, Jamaican-born man with a heartbreaker's good looks and what appears to be a genuinely sincere demeanor, has even brought his own 10-year-old daughter to the event.’
    • ‘A visit to Lake Placid every year allows you to watch as the cute little tykes from pre-juvenile and juvenile dance morph into coltish adolescents in novice and then stunning young heartbreakers in juniors and seniors.’
    • ‘Quin thought that once they finished growing up they would be heartbreakers.’
    • ‘And I have had my heart broken nearly as often as I have been the heartbreaker.’
    • ‘He was a proper little gentleman and a real heartbreaker.’
    • ‘Little Kyle is a heartbreaker already, and has captivated the family with his big smiles.’
    • ‘She wasn't a heartbreaker, but she didn't like it when she found out that boys had a ‘certain reason’ for going out with her, if you get my drift.’
    • ‘Ryan was our lead singer and quite the heartbreaker himself, but he swore he hadn't had a girlfriend in two years because he just hadn't ‘found the right one’ yet.’
    • ‘It's one thing if they're concerned your new dude is a real dud (he holds the running record for most days in detention) or a total heartbreaker (he's dumped his last six GFs like a bad habit).’
    • ‘Instead, the song's about a rock 'n' roll archetype - the wild heartbreaker, the man-eater, the endearing groupie - and it never manages to transcend the blandly conceptual.’
    tease, trifler, philanderer, coquette
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  • 2A story or event which causes overwhelming distress.

    • ‘This election was a heartbreaker, and the country is in for a very bumpy four years I'm afraid.’
    • ‘Women's tennis lost a heartbreaker to Concordia-Moorhead on April 5, losing 5-4.’
    • ‘Yet it's entirely possible for Manhattan to go unbeaten the rest of the way, finish something like 26-3 - then drop a heartbreaker in the MAAC Tournament and not get an at-large bid.’
    • ‘But given his looks, I guess he is attempting to seduce with his romantic style at the moment and seems content to go for the emotional heartbreakers rather than the feel-good anthems.’
    • ‘Whether you're single or broken up, your spouse is on deployment, or there has been a death in the family, Christmas can be a heartbreaker.’
    • ‘It was a superb goal, but a heartbreaker for Newry who had battled throughout and were ultimately unfortunate not to take anything from the game.’
    • ‘There was a Sandman story I wanted to write, which would have been a heartbreaker, and would have been about the dreams and hopes of an unborn baby, who was, for whatever reason, never going to be born.’
    • ‘She'll rue losing that second set for the rest of her life. It was a real heartbreaker.’
    • ‘I'm so sad about that, it's like a heartbreaker.’
    • ‘This is a real heartbreaker as the brothers are truly magical together, so why don't you guys just bury the hatchet?’
    • ‘Florida is a better, more mature team than Florida State, which has improved its lot considerably since the start of the season but dropped a heartbreaker to NC State last week.’
    • ‘Writing a Top 10 theatre roundup for Edmonton in 2003 is a real heartbreaker.’
    • ‘At least one other critic (Barbara Crook in Ottawa) agreed with me that the penultimate scene wasn't the heartbreaker it should have been in this production.’
    • ‘The paucity of information about the actual birthplace and birthdate of her grandfather made the tracing of his origins a genealogical heartbreaker.’
    • ‘I've been thinking about Lucia Berlin a lot lately - her death last month was a real heartbreaker - and I remember something she said to me: To write a good novel, you have to be in love with it.’
    • ‘A booking on drug charges must be a brutal heartbreaker for the superstar singer and role model.’
    • ‘She would tenderly caress both classic love songs and defiant heartbreakers with equal vocal skill.’
    • ‘Chocolate is definitely the heartbreaker when it comes to healthy eating habits.’
    • ‘Moving from darkness to light, Gray sings of loss and love, performing equally well with upbeat optimism as he does with sombre heartbreakers.’
    • ‘And it's a heartbreaker for fans of hard news and TV sketch comics.’