Definition of heart to heart in English:

heart to heart


  • Candidly, intimately.

    • ‘I prefer to talk to people like this, one to one, heart to heart.’
    • ‘West, North or East would all be places where a call for help might sometimes be useful, but then we've moved on from the days when the Confidential Telephone was the best way to have a heart to heart with the police.’
    • ‘It wasn't a heart to heart but we did have a chat about the way we had been playing and what we had done previously that had made us successful and moved on from there.’
    • ‘We had a bit of a heart to heart, so to speak, with the players on Tuesday night at training.’
    • ‘But what I think he really wants me to know is that he's not selling the family silver without having had a good, long, hard, heart to heart with his conscience about it, and that I shouldn't think that he's a bad person by doing so.’
    • ‘I had a heart to heart with the boss here this week.’
    • ‘After a long heart to heart, we settle on four procedures eyelid surgery, liposuction, laser surgery, and teeth whitening.’
    • ‘If I hadn't been at college and then rushed to get on with my life, I would've come to you directly and told you this heart to heart, word for word… but I guess things can't be perfect.’
    • ‘They had a heart to heart and told each other a lot of home truths.’
    • ‘The canteen is empty, save for a couple having a heart to heart.’