Definition of heart of palm in English:

heart of palm


  • The edible bud of a palm tree.

    • ‘Octopus and calamari become lush and pliant when grilled and tossed with tender hearts of palm and chickpeas.’
    • ‘Kohala Coast chefs also love to feature Big Island ingredients such as hearts of palm, taro, Waimea corn and strawberries, Kawamata tomatoes, Parker Ranch beff, and Kahua lamb.’
    • ‘For the braised hearts of palm: In a saucepan, bring the chicken stock to a simmer.’
    • ‘Moving along, you'll find a cornucopia of fresh salads (tuna, pasta, hearts of palm and mixed greens with vinaigrette, to name a few) and fine cold cuts including thinly sliced ham, smoked turkey and prosciutto.’
    • ‘Everything dances: the garlic, the tomato, the hearts of palm and the soy-ginger potion that gives it all an elusive Asian current.’
    • ‘To serve, spoon some cool miso broth, carrots, and hearts of palm into a soup bowl.’
    • ‘To Audrey, she said, ‘We've got bell peppers in the fridge with carrots and olives and goodness knows what else, and there's some cans of baby corn and hearts of palm in the pantry.’’
    • ‘Usually it was a bottle of champagne or fine wine, but even a can of hearts of palm would suffice.’
    • ‘For something green, you'll have to settle for a rudimentary salad of buttery sliced avocado and canned hearts of palm posed on iceberg lettuce (not the advertised romaine) and pale winter-tomato wedges.’
    • ‘Hauling out rice, corn, bananas, and heart of palm to market costs more than a farmer can sell them for.’
    • ‘L' Insalata Ricca has dozens of creative salads, with ingredients like spinach, salmon, hearts of palm, lobster and bufala mozzarella.’
    • ‘Actually, only parts of it weren't, since it's got a long list of ingredients: lettuce, quail eggs, hearts of palm, xuxu, mango slices, green onions, shrimp, Brazil nuts and cashews.’
    • ‘Sear the hearts of palm until golden brown, about two minutes.’
    • ‘The city's burgeoning Asian population makes it possible for him to get spices and hearts of palm from Vietnam, and fresh herbs from Thailand and Malaysia.’
    • ‘You might want a sparkling Bibb lettuce salad, too, mined with hearts of palm and dressed in mustardy vinaigrette.’
    • ‘The traditional salad dressing is made of oil and vinegar, but mayonnaise is a favorite dressing for heart of palm and fresh pea salad.’


heart of palm