Definition of heart murmur in English:

heart murmur


  • A recurring sound heard in the heart through a stethoscope that is usually a sign of disease or damage.

    ‘I was born with a heart murmur’
    • ‘The Reuters guy in Paris had a heart murmur.’
    • ‘Her past medical history was unremarkable, except for a heart murmur.’
    • ‘A doctor may suspect aortic valve sclerosis on hearing a heart murmur with a stethoscope.’
    • ‘At the tiny age of six - weeks-old Brandon O'Boyle was diagnosed with a heart murmur.’
    • ‘An arrhythmia is often found by noticing a heart murmur first.’
    • ‘Children with normal hearts can have heart murmurs.’
    • ‘A common sign of a congenital heart defect is a heart murmur.’
    • ‘Most likely your physician is describing an innocent heart murmur.’
    • ‘Endocarditis may be asymptomatic or present with a new heart murmur.’
    • ‘There's a whole spectrum of heart murmurs.’