Definition of heart line in English:

heart line


  • (in palmistry) the upper of the two horizontal lines that cross the palm of the hand, linked to a person's physical health and ability to form emotional relationships.

    • ‘The heart line curving downwards from the base of the fingers ran over to the percussion without any branches or crosses to weaken its course.’
    • ‘The upper line that runs across the base of the fingers is the heart line which reveals tragedies in a person's lifetime if broken.’
    • ‘They are identified by palmists as head lines, heart lines, life lines, and fate or destiny lines, and are alleged to be useful in predicting a person's future.’
    • ‘At the point where it's connected by another line to my heart line (making a triangle in my palm).’
    • ‘That's why your heart line cuts your lifeline.’
    • ‘These lines are given names like the life line, the head line, the heart line, the Saturne line.’
    • ‘The heart line, which runs across the palm from underneath the little finger to the index finger, reflects a person's emotionality; their ability to express feelings and share them with others.’
    • ‘‘La Croix Mystique’ is when an X marks the spot under your heart line, It shows that you have special intuition and psychic abilities.’