Definition of heart failure in English:

heart failure


mass noun
  • Severe failure of the heart to function properly, especially as a cause of death.

    ‘her mother had died of heart failure’
    • ‘Aspirin may be harmful in patients with coronary disease and heart failure.’
    • ‘Transplantation is effective in relieving the symptoms of heart failure.’
    • ‘The distress of patients dying from heart failure was identified almost 40 years ago.’
    • ‘It may culminate in chronic valvular disease and can lead to heart failure and ultimately death.’
    • ‘In mild and moderate heart failure, renal function and electrolytes are usually normal.’
    • ‘In most cases the above investigations will rapidly confirm the clinical diagnosis of heart failure.’
    • ‘Death is usually from a secondary cause such as heart failure, pneumonia or another infection.’
    • ‘The larger the area of the heart muscle affected by the heart attack, the more likely heart failure is to occur.’
    • ‘It was this mistreatment which provoked her death from heart failure on 25 July.’
    • ‘One of the most important causes of severe breathlessness is left heart failure.’
    • ‘The primary outcome was the combined outcome of time to all cause death or time to recurrent congestive heart failure.’
    • ‘They are widely used in patients with hypertension and with congestive heart failure.’
    • ‘Results from pulmonary function tests were similar in patients with and without heart failure.’
    • ‘Among the commonest causes of death in India are heart attacks and heart failure.’
    • ‘Right heart failure is most commonly a secondary effect of left heart failure.’
    • ‘This can cause serious long-term damage such as heart failure and liver failure.’
    • ‘The extra fluid may cause weight gain, although severe chronic heart failure sometimes causes wasting.’
    • ‘The exceptions are for coronary bypass and for heart failure or shock.’
    • ‘Heart failure and drugs for heart failure can sometimes cause mild kidney disease.’
    • ‘The epidemic of heart failure and its costs to health services continue to grow.’


heart failure