Definition of heart attack in English:

heart attack


  • 1A sudden occurrence of coronary thrombosis, typically resulting in the death of part of a heart muscle and sometimes fatal.

    ‘he died of a heart attack’
    • ‘He was acquitted, but the stress of the trial was blamed for his death from a heart attack two years ago.’
    • ‘Police said a post-mortem examination showed the cause of death was a heart attack.’
    • ‘It should be clear by now that people who give up smoking after a heart attack live longer than those who don't.’
    • ‘My experience of care after my heart attack was like being led through a fog by someone who knew the way.’
    • ‘At first it was assumed he had had a sudden heart attack brought on by all the excitement.’
    • ‘As a result of the attack, the heart may not be able to pump around the body as efficiently as before the heart attack.’
    • ‘So the ones who are saved from a heart attack will have been helped by the drug.’
    • ‘This helps to slow the progression of coronary heart disease and makes a heart attack less likely.’
    • ‘A successful angioplasty brings relief from angina and can make a heart attack less likely.’
    • ‘This procedure can relieve symptoms and reduce the chance of a heart attack.’
    • ‘Less than eighteen months later, at the age of sixty, my father suffers a fatal heart attack.’
    • ‘Being sedentary increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke by the same amount as smoking.’
    • ‘He was re-admitted to hospital but suffered a fatal heart attack as a result of the infection.’
    • ‘Peter is 45, and came so that he could reduce his risk of having a sudden heart attack.’
    • ‘While at home he became ill and eventually died alone after a heart attack.’
    • ‘If the symptoms occur whilst at rest, or are not relieved by rest, they could indicate a heart attack.’
    • ‘When she first came into casualty, we missed the signs of what was probably a heart attack.’
    • ‘He blacked out and despite a blood transfusion, suffered a fatal heart attack.’
    • ‘We have a single template in our mind as to what a heart attack is, and how it presents itself.’
    • ‘He had suffered a fatal heart attack and was pronounced dead on the dressing room table.’
    blood clot, embolism, embolus, infarction
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    1. 1.1humorous Used in reference to a reaction of shock or great surprise.
      ‘OMG, I had a heart attack when he said White Sox!’
      ‘you nearly gave me a heart attack—didn't see you there!’
      • ‘It's been three nights since my mother wanted to give me a heart attack with incredibly shocking news that she and Mr Wu were suddenly going on a honeymoon to Bali.’
      • ‘Our tech directors nearly had a heart attack when I chose to do this, but it was necessary to pull off the game we envisioned.’
      • ‘It's also defiantly un-radio-friendly, and probably gave record company execs near heart attacks after the lush presentation of the last album’
      • ‘I nearly had a minor heart attack at the weekend when a friend of mine outlined how she and her boyfriend were going to handle the purchase of the home they're buying together.’
      • ‘I guess I couldn't stay mad at her, despite the fact that she almost gave me a heart attack.’
      • ‘Don't have the ringer volume on your phone unnecessarily turned up to full so that the person sitting next to you has a heart attack when it rings.’
      • ‘I came home earlier than expected and almost had a heart attack when I saw your dad in our bedroom with another woman.’
      • ‘I have hidden in empty rooms and pressed the patient call bell, (suggesting a ghost) and jumped out almost giving them heart attacks.’
      • ‘I didn't want her to come back in the middle of the night, open the door and have a heart attack when she saw me.’
      • ‘She had nearly been caught snooping in her parents' room and their sudden return had almost given her a heart attack.’
      • ‘Someone had phoned Aunt Rachel, nearly giving her a heart attack with the news that her vanished brother's children had been found and one had been arrested for dealing drugs.’
      • ‘I nearly had a heart attack when I saw you fall.’
      • ‘I know all the range control geeks are going to have a heart attack when you make this suggestion.’
      • ‘They almost gave the crowd a heart attack when they left the stage without playing Under The Bridge.’
      • ‘He appeared out of nowhere, almost giving me a heart attack.’
      • ‘I'm just walking down the street and I see your limp body lying on the ground: I swear, I almost had a heart attack.’


  • heart attack on a plate

    • informal An especially unhealthy meal, typically one that is high in saturated fat.

      ‘the sausage and egg sandwich in no way measured up to a full English heart attack on a plate’
      • ‘Shouldn't parents know that their kids are eating a "heart attack on a plate"?’
      • ‘The sauce is a noteworthy far cry from the customary butter and heavy cream-laden "heart attack on a plate" variety.’
      • ‘If you want to eat a "heart attack on a plate", this restaurant is for you.’
      • ‘However, as years pass and good health becomes more important, these foods have become known as "heart attacks on a plate".’
      • ‘I love the country benedict, which is eggs benedict with biscuits and gravy, even though it's pretty much a heart attack on a plate.’
      • ‘"Double cheeseburgers and large portions of meat or chicken coated with Alfredo sauce are heart attacks on a plate," she states.’
      • ‘It may sound like a heart attack on a plate, but you'd be surprised at how well the chili cheese fries really cut through that acidy feeling after drinking too much beer.’
      • ‘Most things on this menu are like a heart attack on a plate.’
      • ‘I mean I love meat, but I didn't want to have a heart attack on a plate!’
      • ‘I must warn you, it's a heart attack on a plate, but innovative and lip-smacking nonetheless.’
      • ‘The queues for a heart attack on a plate (giant all-day breakfast) can go out the door, even just before closing, which is 10pm on a Wednesday.’
      • ‘It might look like a heart attack on a plate, but it tastes fabulous.’


heart attack