Definition of heart-to-heart in English:



  • (of a conversation) candid, intimate, and personal.

    ‘a heart-to-heart chat’
    • ‘But this week, as far as Hoss knew, Pa hadn't taken either of them aside for a heart-to-heart discussion.’
    • ‘Okay, enough of the heart-to-heart conversations… we ruin them anyway by getting too goofy.’
    • ‘He used to drive his children to school in order to get a chance to have heart-to-heart discussions with them.’
    • ‘But what you and I need to learn to do is to have real heart-to-heart communion with God, because, after all, that is what prayer is.’
    • ‘Visits home are weird enough without heart-to-heart discussions about why what I'm doing makes baby Jesus cry.’
    • ‘To get your sex life back on track, begin with an honest, heart-to-heart talk with your honey.’
    • ‘Back at the cabin the party is in full swing; sex has been had, squirrels have been fired upon, alcohol has been consumed, and heart-to-heart confessions of love have been unloaded.’
    • ‘This stems from the fact that some parents have been preoccupied with earning money to provide their children with material needs, without any regard for the importance of actual heart-to-heart communication.’
    • ‘If your partner avoids having heart-to-heart talks with you in the relationship; you might find yourself feeling a lack of his/her presence during lovemaking.’
    • ‘Still, it's the season for heart-to-heart chats and just-for-two dinners by candlelight.’
    • ‘In fact, we need heart-to-heart dialogues between friends, between teachers and students, between husbands and wives, between parents and children.’
    • ‘The happy and complacent resolution to the potentially tragic events, brought about apparently by a couple of five-minute heart-to-heart conversations, should satisfy no one.’
    • ‘I had not called my mother for a heart-to-heart conversation, but she always insisted upon having one with me.’
    • ‘They say churches should highlight their community life, the chance to have a good ‘sing’, hear a good sermon and have a heart-to-heart chat.’
    • ‘Maybe not go out to the protest lines, but have her come in and have a heart-to-heart conversation with someone who's also made the ultimate sacrifice in losing her son in this war on terror.’
    • ‘The first is when teachers, using the excuse of having heart-to-heart talks with the students, make indecent advances towards them.’
    • ‘But most tend to reconcile conflicts through heart-to-heart talks.’
    • ‘Curiously, that sort of ended any further heart-to-heart dialogue between father and son.’
    • ‘If we women have a power source, a place we plug into to keep a friendship up and humming, it's the heart-to-heart conversation.’
    • ‘Dear valued reader, it's time for us to have a little heart-to-heart chat.’
    intimate, candid, frank, open, unreserved, personal, honest, truthful, sincere, man-to-man, woman-to-woman
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  • A candid and intimate conversation.

    • ‘There are more jokes about big pants and Christmas sweaters, while Bridget's ghastly friends return for cloying heart-to-hearts.’
    • ‘This blessed development came as a result of one of the most productive heart-to-hearts we've had in months.’
    • ‘For instance, after some heart-to-hearts, clients may admit they don't really need a formal dining room, even in a big house.’
    • ‘The rest is just a series of semi-connected, extremely well acted, half-finished arguments and incomplete heart-to-hearts.’
    • ‘The scenes in which Griffith and the very, very young and adorable Howard have father-son heart-to-hearts are standouts.’
    • ‘Lydia made him take it off for their charming little heart-to-hearts, so he had the pleasure of sitting there with especially bad hat hair on top of all of his other more regularly apparent problems.’
    • ‘Evidently, the chef has also had a few heart-to-hearts with his kitchen.’
    • ‘My father sat me down for a heart-to-heart, but seemed more concerned that Chris was a struggling musician than that he was his brother-in-law.’
    • ‘But it is not the Spaniard's style to have heart-to-hearts.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, lost inhibitions don't just spell meaningful heart-to-hearts: they spell plenty of bad behaviour, too.’
    • ‘It took a series of heart-to-hearts with his fiancée to clear his mind.’
    • ‘I had a heart-to-heart with my coach John Harrison at the start of last year.’
    • ‘Well I think he wants to go back and live in Melbourne, but I think obviously there's been some talks there, some heart-to-hearts going on.’
    • ‘As the two strolled out into the school grounds, Martin, then 13, dismissed his father's attempt at a heart-to-heart, saying he already knew all about that.’
    • ‘She is said to have had a heart-to-heart with 24-year-old Jackson - who is 16 years younger than her - before breaking up with him.’
    • ‘I'm not saying you can't have honest heart-to-hearts.’
    • ‘It inspires confessions and heart-to-hearts of cinematic proportions.’
    • ‘Over the years, there have been dances in the dining room, countless heart-to-hearts on the porch, weekends when 20 stayed over, some they even knew.’
    • ‘At some point she's going to have a heart-to-heart with Janelle, at which point Janelle will tell her to butt out and haul out the sob story again.’
    • ‘I believe some heart-to-hearts might have occurred after the race between drivers and pit managers after the meeting.’
    private conversation, private word, cosy chat, tête-à-tête, one-on-one, one-to-one, head-to-head, conversation, chat, talk, word
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