Definition of heart-shaped in English:



  • Shaped like the conventional representation of a heart, with two equal curves meeting at a point at the bottom and a cusp at the top.

    ‘heart-shaped chocolate boxes’
    • ‘She tells us to look for heart-shaped stones during our stay.’
    • ‘I've come to the heart-shaped island of Tasmania, to find the tallest hardwood tree in the world, the swamp gum.’
    • ‘Couples can sip drinks with a heart-shaped straw for two.’
    • ‘I pulled a pair of gaudy, heart-shaped glasses off the rack.’
    • ‘His heart swelled for this beauty with a heart-shaped birthmark on the side of her neck.’
    • ‘Collaged in the middle sits a heart-shaped potted plant with a frowning face.’
    • ‘We carefully avoided the heart-shaped leaves of the so-called stinging tree.’
    • ‘Let pearls in heart-shaped pendants or earrings show your love.’
    • ‘Her hair was angled to frame her heart-shaped face.’
    • ‘He bought a 25-acre heart-shaped island off the Queensland coast.’