Definition of healthy-looking in English:



  • Appearing in good physical condition.

    ‘smooth, radiant, healthy-looking skin’
    ‘healthy-looking green leaves’
    • ‘I don't like skiers - they're all so extroverted and healthy-looking.’
    • ‘But the idea that cosmetic surgery is a short cut to a fit, healthy-looking body is false.’
    • ‘He's skinny, but strong and healthy-looking, with bright eyes and well-toned muscles.’
    • ‘Your skin is guaranteed to have a healthy-looking morning glow because of the gentle exfoliation of this stimulating process.’
    • ‘On the beach, having fresh, healthy-looking skin is key.’
    • ‘Only live, healthy-looking seedlings make it out of the nurseries.’
    • ‘Today you might have healthy-looking plants and tomorrow some pest or disease might wipe them out.’
    • ‘Slim and healthy-looking, he could easily pass for a decade younger.’
    • ‘Although I've been assured that a vegan diet can be a healthy one I have not met a healthy-looking vegan yet.’
    • ‘The people of New York are slim and healthy-looking.’
    rosy, pink, red, reddish, rose-red, flushed, blushing
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