Definition of healthily in English:



  • 1In a way that promotes or indicates good health.

    ‘a national campaign encouraging people to eat healthily’
    ‘your body absorbs and uses the fat you need to function healthily’
    • ‘My throat infection is forcing me to drink healthily.’
    • ‘Encouraging children to eat and drink healthily is a national priority.’
    • ‘I like to eat healthily so I have some asparagus every day.’
    • ‘I feel better if I exercise and eat healthily.’
    • ‘Inspectors found that pupils understood the need to live healthily and safely.’
    • ‘With a little tender loving care and suitable living environment, the plants can grow healthily for many years.’
    • ‘People are getting older and living healthily for longer.’
    • ‘He was careful about his diet; never ate a bite more than he should yet he ate healthily.’
    • ‘If you snack healthily, there is a greater chance that you will avoid the post-lunch 4 pm energy slump that so many people suffer from.’
    • ‘We have people aging healthily, but they don't have a plan about retirement.’
    1. 1.1 In a normal, natural, and desirable manner.
      ‘a healthily sceptical view of today's journalism’
      ‘an earnest and healthily ambitious young newshound’
      • ‘The defender takes a healthily wry view of the media.’
      • ‘He's one of the most healthily competitive people on the softball diamond.’
      • ‘The culture we embrace is healthily competitive.’
      • ‘He gave the impression of being healthily sceptical of those who called themselves activists.’
      • ‘He is healthily ironic, with a cultivated aesthetic eye.’
      • ‘I think that independence does not mean to live alone but means to become healthily dependent on other people.’
      • ‘They wreck a party thrown by the healthily high-spirited pair.’
      • ‘Absolute clarity stops people from listening and being healthily tentative.’
      • ‘He was an organizational technician of high competence with healthily modest notions of what a central party organization could achieve.’
      • ‘Denying the existence of something only makes young, healthily inquisitive minds want to find out more about it.’
    2. 1.2 To a very satisfactory degree.
      ‘the company's profit has increased healthily’
      ‘the economy grew healthily’
      • ‘He has said that once the economy is growing healthily, he wants the country to once again reduce government spending.’
      • ‘At present, most private schools remain healthily oversubscribed.’
      • ‘It is obvious that consumption continues to contribute healthily to the overall growth aggregates.’
      • ‘The award has grown healthily since its first 10 fellowships in 1996; since its inception, the program has granted 239 fellowships.’
      • ‘The number of hedge funds expecting a fall has dropped sharply and, over the past six months, the company's share price has risen healthily.’
      • ‘The company soldiered along with a stock price hovering healthily above $40.’
      • ‘Even with the population still growing healthily, substantial labor shortages exist in some critical fields.’
      • ‘His fundraising is rising healthily thanks to contributions solicited by email.’
      • ‘Every year the money turnover of the trade enlarges healthily.’
      • ‘The company was trading healthily and making a profit.’