Definition of health visitor in English:

health visitor


  • A trained nurse who visits people in their homes to assist or advise the chronically ill or parents with very young children.

    • ‘A district nurse and community health visitor will also use the new centre as a base.’
    • ‘On a personal note, I asked my health visitor and medical practise repeatedly that my daughter be given her pre-school MMR in separate doses.’
    • ‘Check with your dentist or health visitor if you are unsure about how to look after your baby's teeth.’
    • ‘If you are worried about how your child will react to the vaccine, or if he or she has had previous reactions, talk to your GP, practice nurse or health visitor.’
    • ‘Mothers reported obtaining most general information about vaccination from their health visitor.’
    • ‘Leila actually arranged for her health visitor to pay a visit to Anne-Marie's school to talk to her teachers and explain what they should do in the case of the little girl having a seizure.’
    • ‘If any problems seem prolonged and you are worried about weight or growth, contact your health visitor, G.P or Dietitian.’
    • ‘The health visitor or doctor can advise on how to manage these problems.’
    • ‘A referral to the clinic is made by either the GP, health visitor or nurse after consultation.’
    • ‘Any parent who is concerned that a child may be allergic or intolerant to any food should get advice from their health visitor or GP.’
    • ‘Parents worried about bedwetting can consult their GP, health visitor or school nurse.’
    • ‘The first was last Friday when experienced mothers with a nursery nurse and a health visitor gave advice on weaning.’
    • ‘A health visitor sometimes visits, but in an emergency both these old men would be in trouble out here.’
    • ‘Sheila started working as a health visitor from the Central Clinic in Colchester, as well as the Greenstead clinic and East Hill.’
    • ‘Talk to your health visitor or the nurse at your doctor's surgery.’
    • ‘If you are uncertain, always check with your dentist or health visitor.’
    • ‘You can always see the health visitor or school nurse at any time, if you have any concerns.’
    • ‘If you are breastfeeding, it is a good idea talk to your health visitor or midwife during home visits.’
    • ‘Each child should have an appointed key worker, such as a health visitor or school nurse, who knows about the assessment process and acts as a contact for the parent or carer.’
    • ‘Married with two daughters, she is a qualified nurse, midwife and health visitor and set up her own company advising on customer relations management.’


health visitor