Definition of health officer in English:

health officer


  • An official employed to ensure that health regulations are obeyed.

    ‘the pub was visited by a health officer’
    • ‘Serious safety breaches resulted in radioactive particles escaping into the environment at the nuclear plant, a former health officer claimed last night.’
    • ‘The reporting rules required a report signed by the city mayor and his health officer.’
    • ‘It was found that some municipalities did not even have health officers.’
    • ‘The cull was quick and efficient and he is full of praise for the vets and the animal health officers that carried out the task.’
    • ‘The state's leading health officer and a board that oversees the agency were fired.’
    • ‘He is local health officer and has served as a member of the town council for two years.’
    • ‘The county appointed a public health officer to deal with smallpox, cholera and measles—diseases that now rapidly spread by means of new roads and schools.’
    • ‘The joint inspection report headed by the district health officer was a result of the rampant protests.’
    • ‘Council health officers believed that the risk assessment and risk management plan brushes over many concerns.’
    • ‘Managers lied to employees, residents, and government health officers and regulators about the danger.’