Definition of health maintenance organization in English:

health maintenance organization

(British health maintenance organisation)


  • (in the US) an organization which provides healthcare on the free market in return for a predetermined fixed insurance premium.

    • ‘The authors used clinical data from enrollees of a large health maintenance organization to identify women who tested positive for pregnancy within three months of filling an oral contraceptive prescription.’
    • ‘Nothing contained in this section shall preclude the health maintenance organization from conducting managed care, medical necessity, or utilization review.’
    • ‘Privately insured respondents were also asked if their private health insurance plan or health maintenance organization included coverage for alcohol abuse/alcoholism or for drug abuse.’
    • ‘These antibiotics were less likely to be prescribed if the patient was black, a member of a health maintenance organization, or uninsured.’
    • ‘The 586 women with cysts who agreed to participate in the study were matched by age to 757 control women in the same health maintenance organization.’
    • ‘The study enrolled patients through two medical offices of a large health maintenance organization.’
    • ‘Self-reporting female participants were selected randomly from a health maintenance organization in the northwest and grouped according to the amount and type of childhood maltreatment experienced.’
    • ‘These findings are similar to those from population-based studies conducted in other countries, and from a survey of patients enrolled in a U.S. health maintenance organization.’
    • ‘A few years ago a Kansas health maintenance organization changed its policies and began to reimburse doctors equally for Caesarean and normal deliveries, so there was no longer a financial incentive to do Caesareans.’
    • ‘Is the agency approved or accepted by your health maintenance organization or supplemental insurance?’
    • ‘The original study population consisted of 608 healthy adults, aged 20 to 70 years, enrolled at the Fallon Clinic, a large health maintenance organization in central Massachusetts.’
    • ‘Grady and colleagues studied women enrolled in a large health maintenance organization to clarify factors in these decisions.’
    • ‘A screening program for northern California girls was expanded to include boys age 14-18 in 10 geographically diverse pediatric departments within a large health maintenance organization.’
    • ‘A recent survey of asthmatic members of a health maintenance organization in the United States found that only 15% of medical records documented asking about work-related symptoms by general practitioners.’
    • ‘The women ranged in age from 25 to 83 years, about 65 percent were white, and more than 80 percent had private insurance or were members of a health maintenance organization.’
    • ‘The authors studied a group of patients from a large health maintenance organization with approximately 2,100 births per year.’
    • ‘The women attended a large health maintenance organization in western Washington.’
    • ‘Does your mom or dad belong to a health maintenance organization?’
    • ‘You'll have to choose between a health maintenance organization, preferred provider organization, or point-of-service plan.’
    • ‘Medical records of research participants from a health maintenance organization were randomly selected and examined for 6 months before, during, and after therapy.’