Definition of health inspector in English:

health inspector


  • An official employed to ensure that health regulations are obeyed.

    ‘the health inspector almost closed the premises’
    • ‘The corporation conducts periodic inspection by a health inspector to monitor the quality of food.’
    • ‘"The public health inspector visited the school, and after speaking with teachers they decided that they would not be going back to classes," he said.’
    • ‘He joked that he'd seen some universities in such a state of disrepair as to warrant a visit from the health inspector.’
    • ‘He invited a health inspector into his kitchen and discovered the truth.’
    • ‘The restaurant sits closed after it was shut down by health inspectors in July.’
    • ‘He became a target of health inspectors, and, although no cigarettes were found in his workplace, he was fined for possessing an unused ashtray.’
    • ‘His other business—a sandwich shop—was shut down by city health inspectors.’
    • ‘The health inspectors have been giving the workers "strict warnings" to leave in 48 hours, whenever the residents complain.’
    • ‘I urge health inspectors to visit this school and see for themselves what I am talking about!’
    • ‘You will see people selling chips and goat meat in shacks that pass off for restaurants and one wonders where our health inspectors are.’