Definition of health food in English:

health food


mass noun
  • Natural food that is thought to have health-giving qualities.

    • ‘The idea that chocolate could be health food seems too good to be true.’
    • ‘Using Chinese herbal medicine as food supplements or health food is very popular.’
    • ‘We went back a couple of more times, but we soon realized we were coming back with more junk than health food.’
    • ‘The makers of this particular brand of health food created a series of similar advertisements.’
    • ‘The food here is good, but the canteen is really bad: health food and stuff like that.’
    • ‘That last remark brought to mind a time when Hannah cleared out my whole fridge and filled it with health food.’
    • ‘The next several days passed in a blur of meditation and health food and talk.’
    • ‘Well, there is the tree and cardboard school of health food, which all of us are familiar with.’
    • ‘I failed miserably at getting my husband, who at the best of times is not a fan of health food, to order anything beyond his hummus.’
    • ‘A ‘doorstep’ of moist, succulent wholemeal bread is considered the ultimate health food.’
    • ‘In reality, this is a gorgeous dessert masquerading as health food.’
    • ‘Big Food has had to find more tricks to transform the humble soy bean into a seductive health food.’
    • ‘The drugs were stashed inside a package of health food addressed to a prisoner in Frankland Prison, County Durham.’


health food