Definition of health benefit in English:

health benefit


  • 1A positive effect on a person's health gained from food, treatment, or an activity.

    ‘the health benefits of eating beans’
    • ‘Not only do figs have phenomenal flavor, but their health benefits make them worth seeking out.’
    • ‘The juice is reported to have many health benefits due to the high concentration of vitamins.’
    • ‘We plan on changing directions and focusing our attention to the nutritional value and the health benefits of the crops we are growing.’
    • ‘That demand is driven in part by increased consumer awareness of the health benefits of grass-fed meat.’
    • ‘Although each short activity has minimal health benefits, as long as those exercise sessions total 30 minutes, you'll profit.’
    • ‘It's only been in the last three decades that researchers have immersed themselves in the science behind tea's purported health benefits.’
    • ‘Other health benefits historically ascribed to wine were unproven and mostly optimistic.’
    • ‘The company is making the public aware of soy's many health benefits and developing products that can more readily fit into people's diets.’
    • ‘Soy is a key ingredient in the growing market for foods and drinks that have added health benefits.’
    • ‘The health benefits of gardening are impressive.’
  • 2A payment made by the state or an insurance scheme to cover the cost of medical care.

    ‘health benefits for married partners are not taxed’
    • ‘Businesses renewing their health benefit plans for next year will likely run into more double-digit increases.’
    • ‘Employee health benefits are a major payroll expense for companies that provide them.’
    • ‘You would have to be in a deep coma not to notice the skyrocketing cost of health benefits.’
    • ‘Getting married would mean losing her deceased husband's health benefits, which she relies on as a heart-attack survivor with three stents.’
    • ‘The company provided discount health benefits to small businesses and set up a website for customers to buy medicine from Canada.’
    • ‘The project was developed to increase access to affordable health benefit plans.’
    • ‘American farm workers need a fair living wage and health benefits.’
    • ‘Health benefits are being cut back.’
    • ‘To prepare for the inevitable crunch, many companies have cut back on retirees' health benefits.’
    • ‘She said the company offers profit sharing and affordable health benefits.’