Definition of health and safety in English:

health and safety


mass nounBritish
  • Regulations and procedures intended to prevent accident or injury in workplaces or public environments.

    • ‘The church has been without a hall for several years after the last one became so dilapidated it had to be closed on health and safety grounds.’
    • ‘The town council said the early testing of the lights was necessary to meet health and safety regulations.’
    • ‘Drivers are expected to assign seats to provide "maximum health and safety" for passengers.’
    • ‘Each school and college will have its own health and safety management structure which will be explained to you at your induction.’
    • ‘To get details about installations and health and safety, call this number.’
    • ‘Last week the Metropolitan Police were convicted at the Old Bailey of breaches of health and safety relating to the shooting.’
    • ‘As well as being a health and safety consideration for fishermen who are pushed to the limits of their own boats, the issue of conservation arises when boats are decommissioned.’
    • ‘She added that the necessary health and safety strategy should be in place by next month.’
    • ‘But the council called and said they would have to assess our house for health and safety.’
    • ‘The legislation safeguards the human rights of sex workers and promotes their health and safety.’
    • ‘Jarvis was exposed again this week over health and safety when an undercover reporter got work after only six hours training from the company.’
    • ‘The doors of a special school near Hull are to remain shut at the beginning of the new term on Tuesday - because of " health and safety problems ".’
    • ‘Mary Darlington is a specialist in health and safety.’
    • ‘The TGWU is concerned the new scheme may force drivers to cut corners on health and safety to earn a living wage. "’
    • ‘Currently the toilet block is out of bounds to them because of the great risk to their health and safety because of repeated vandalism attacks over the years.’
    • ‘The Directive covers all personal protective equipment (PPE), including clothing, and it lists certain basic health and safety requirements that protective clothing must meet.’
    • ‘I welcome changes to the country's laws on health and safety.’
    • ‘All combustion products from these fireplaces are simply venting into the rooms where the units are installed, and this poses two distinct and significant health and safety issues.’
    • ‘U.F.C.W.U. bylaws give the President of the Local virtually unfettered authority to change work rules, attendance requirements and issues involving health and safety.’
    • ‘Inform yourself about health and safety by attending these safety events.’