Definition of health-giving in English:



  • (especially of food) promoting good health and physical well-being.

    ‘the health-giving properties of porridge’
    ‘tea contains a range of health-giving nutrients’
    • ‘He has drawn up a strict SATs timetable, with scheduled breaks and a health-giving snack every forty minutes for optimum brain performance.’
    • ‘Throughout the years of teaching Bill kept developing his own painting in a way that was health-giving to him.’
    • ‘All diets work better when they are structured; and the use of lifestyle strategies and health-giving dietary supplements can help to structure them.’
    • ‘In addition to the pedagogical value of physical exercise, humanists took an interest in its health-giving benefits.’
    • ‘The use of these portieres was started with one purpose in mind: to bring the health-giving odors of eucalyptus right into the home.’
    • ‘The produce, including such delicacies as the the health-giving Quinoa grain, are sourced locally and are mainly organic.’
    • ‘Man has been touting the health-giving benefits of garlic for thousands of years.’
    • ‘Recently, I have noticed a crop of adverts on the telly touting the health-giving properties of breakfast cereals.’
    • ‘The third letter was postmarked Cheltenham, a popular town with a Spa of health-giving waters.’
    • ‘I do not know why Mum persists in giving it health-giving vegetables.’