Definition of heady in English:



  • 1(of alcoholic drink) potent; intoxicating.

    ‘several bottles of heady local wine’
    • ‘At its best, Argentina's adopted white grape makes fragrant, heady wines.’
    • ‘You can certainly drink it on its own, but bear in mind that it's a heady 14% alcohol.’
    • ‘You can taste this heady mix of rum and sugarcane juice right near MG Road, in a five-star setting.’
    • ‘As I approached, the heady scent of alcohol reached me, and I knew she had passed out.’
    • ‘The Bloody Pom, a heady mix of gin, damson liqueur and pomegranate, is particularly good.’
    • ‘The heady local beer, Viking, is sold in a 500 ml glass, which looks just like a pint.’
    • ‘It is the latest in town and a deadly and rather heady combination of coffee and vodka.’
    • ‘All cost just under £2, came in a specific glass and were potent, heady and delicious.’
    • ‘Drank too much wine, too much whiskey, too much heady Norwegian cognac.’
    • ‘It was this heady and potent brew that fired Imoudu into action.’
    • ‘The answer is yes, because we're told that many youngsters now prefer colas, if not beer or more heady stuff.’
    • ‘Even a half and half mix of wine and water was considered a heady brew.’
    • ‘The heady spiced wine burned down her throat and hit her shrunken stomach like a small explosion.’
    • ‘Rich and heady wine was brought to all of the dinner guests, the finest in the manor's stores.’
    potent, intoxicating, inebriating, strong, alcoholic, spirituous, vinous, intoxicant
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    1. 1.1 Having a strong or exhilarating effect.
      ‘a heady, exotic perfume’
      ‘the heady days of my youth’
      • ‘Incidentally going back to those heady days, it was the first local radio station to be opened outside Dublin.’
      • ‘We don't realize the heady pleasures of such paradoxes if we obsess about boundaries.’
      • ‘And this is immediately apparent when one returns, in the final chapter, to the heady early days in New York.’
      • ‘The sparkle going on between us was light and fun and heady and I knew I was safe to be cheeky, personal, as if we had known each other for weeks.’
      • ‘Jerusalem is a city of contrasts and conflict, a heady mix of the ancient and the modern.’
      • ‘The three young protagonists are students in these heady yet harsh times.’
      • ‘Such is the heady spirit of passion and opportunity embodied by Kama Sutra.’
      • ‘I'm going back to my desk to continue inhaling the intoxicating, heady scent of my new PC.’
      • ‘I yearn for those heady, simple, days in Manchester when your mates would knock-on and ask if you could come out to play.’
      • ‘This heady union, which begat gay liberation, has been all but ignored by the culture.’
      • ‘The result is an eminently readable account that captures the spirit of those heady days.’
      • ‘It's a culinary phenomenon to rival the heady sun-dried tomato days of the early 90s!’
      • ‘Accessible only by a dirt path which runs off a single track road, it's about as far from the heady glamour of Hollywood as you can imagine.’
      • ‘It was a heady time to be young when anything seemed possible.’
      • ‘The temptation to let the heady ecstasy of power get the better of you is self-evident.’
      • ‘These were heady, intoxicating days, when Edinburgh in August was the place to be.’
      • ‘The heady scent of roses and wet grass grabbed a hold of his senses and sent a shiver up his spine.’
      • ‘The atmosphere at home was a heady mix of bookish culture, genteel poverty and violence.’
      • ‘A heady mix of coconut, pineapple, vanilla and banana, and it's yours for only a quid.’
      • ‘In attendance were Bollywood representatives giving the city a heady mix of chic and style.’
      exhilarating, exciting, thrilling, stimulating, invigorating, galvanizing, electrifying, rousing, arousing
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