Definition of headtie in English:



West Indian
  • A strip of colourful fabric worn tied around the head by women.

    • ‘Straighten out the edges of the layers of the headtie starting from behind till you get to the front.’
    • ‘From the hair and makeup to the headtie for both my wedding and thanksgiving celebration, Shegcy did such a wonderful job and I will be forever grateful for his contribution to such a beautiful day.’
    • ‘The mourning women, wearing headties, lace blouses and striped wrappers, stand at either side of the bed.’
    • ‘Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a very dark middle-aged woman dressed in deep red skirt, black blouse and green headtie came to us and said: ‘Boys, don't stand there!’’
    • ‘Both the new headtie and the money in the bowl belong to the bride.’
    • ‘They delight in fine materials, brightly coloured headties, beads, ear-rings, and even henna for their nails.’
    • ‘For women, this consists of a blouse whether fitted with an elaborate design, and a wrapper, a wrap around skirt, or a long, loose fitting dress called a bouba with embroidery on the top, all of these outfits include a hat or headtie, optional.’
    • ‘From this perspective, for example, a study of the ubiquitous West African headtie would invite new questions regarding how African modes of dress are represented and consumed by various culture producers and audiences in the West.’
    • ‘He is not adorned in a green shirt, nor is he wearing a green headtie or waving flags or tree branches like the other supporters, but he is showing his support.’
    • ‘They are forced to uncover their headties in order that they may be photographed, a requirement which is not imposed on women from other religious groups that go through the same process of application.’