Definition of headstream in English:



  • A headwater stream.

    • ‘It is for this reason that Seurat, along with Cézanne, stands as the great renovator at the headstream of modern painting.’
    • ‘‘Waitanyuan’ means literally ‘the headstream of the Bund’ and is centred at the confluence of Suzhou Creek and the Huangpu River.’
    • ‘South-east of the Andes, plains of rich pasture stretch away to the east and to the south, where the land falls in forested terraces towards the headstreams of the Amazon.’
    • ‘And no one has tackled the entire White Nile since 1951, when American John Goddard and two friends made it to the sea from Lake Victoria's remotest headstream, in Burundi, but were forced to walk around the nastiest whitewater.’