Definition of headstand in English:



  • An act of balancing on one's head and hands with one's feet in the air.

    • ‘At the heart of the matter are allegations by animal-welfare activists that brutal training methods are used to coerce elephants - which can weigh as much as 8,000 pounds - into performing tricks such as headstands.’
    • ‘They did headstands, armstands, they became trees, the trunks and limbs of trees, then bodies crawling over each other like larvae, then upright with the prowess of panthers.’
    • ‘Their death-defying flips and headstands earned them six tens and the highest overall score of the night, 69.6.’
    • ‘And we're treated to them all doing headstands or something.’
    • ‘Maneuvers like face plants, front flips, back flips, cartwheels, butt flops, and headstands aren't rad new acrobatics.’
    • ‘Then there was that girl that kept doing headstands on the speakers at Art's Bar.’
    • ‘I'm doing 4 different warrior type lunge postures and 5 different headstands.’
    • ‘Instead of taking mind bending coo-coo pills, I'll stick to yoga from now on; a five-minute headstand is the best kind of medicine.’
    • ‘Forearm stands, headstands, difficult balance poses - he did them all, concentrating as fully as he had on anything all day.’
    • ‘‘Ideally, we want students with some amount of core strength and some experience doing inversions - headstands and handstands,’ says Goldberg.’
    • ‘During the 6-10 day incubation, the male takes care of the nest - cleaning and guarding it, and periodically doing a headstand to fan the eggs and aerate them.’
    • ‘The most important pose to skip is the headstand, because it causes blood and other bodily fluids to rush toward your upper body and stresses your heart and blood vessels.’
    • ‘I can now raise my hips and feet into a headstand in very slow motion with full control.’
    • ‘My daughter had a bruise on her head and shoulder, but the two riding in the back seats were fine. I was in there for another hour and a half, upside down doing a yoga headstand because that was the only way I could breathe.’
    • ‘Spins, leaps, headstands and other acrobatics captivate and thrill.’
    • ‘At the institute, he does his yoga practice - quiet forward bends, rock-steady headstands, precise backbends - in full view of the students.’
    • ‘I am fine - doing headstands, I can keep a book on my head without it falling off.’
    • ‘However, last week's class brought us into a realm of chaos I never thought possible in a class that includes meditation: headstands.’
    • ‘He was not surprised by fancy suggestions such as bending backward to touch the head to the floor, handstands, five-minute headstands and, of course, various pretzels of the leg-behind-the-neck category.’
    • ‘The manatees performed headstands and even nudged them with their noses to get scratched and petted.’