Definition of headshrinker in English:



  • 1historical A headhunter who preserved and shrank the heads of his dead enemies.

    • ‘Then - oh dear - there are the headshrinkers, the most dangerous bunch of all.’
  • 2North American informal A psychiatrist.

    Compare with shrink
    • ‘His charm and simple way of simply listening to people soon has him with more patients than both the town's other headshrinkers put together.’
    • ‘‘Your friend Alexis is a pretty good headshrinker,’ Kate acknowledged.’
    • ‘‘Another session with that damn headshrinker,’ she muttered, heading into the kitchen.’
    • ‘Our headshrinker describes the differing cases of Glen, who enjoys wearing ladies' clothing, especially angora sweaters.’
    • ‘Like his headshrinker asks in ‘The Boy Who Does His Age in Minutes’: ‘Do you really remember that boy… or are you just telling me stories about him?’’
    • ‘She buckled her shoulder holster in place, noting the date with a slight frown. ‘I've got another appointment with the headshrinker soon,’ she thought with a slight smile.’
    • ‘She smiled grimly, ‘There are times you almost sound like that damn headshrinker they have me seeing.’’