Definition of headrail in English:



  • A horizontal rail at the top of something.

    • ‘As you cut the headrail you may want to bend the cut portion out of the way with pliers or a screw driver.’
    • ‘If you have a blind with a 2' tall headrail and a wand titler, this is the first one to check out.’
    • ‘On our headrails, the louvres are always equally spaced for the very neatest of finishes.’
    • ‘The cat uncoiled, stretched in a long, luxurious arch, and Kieran's gaze followed as it disappeared over the headrail of the bed.’
    • ‘This curved lip at the sidewall ends is a characteristic of all headrails formed by the extrusion process from raw aluminum.’
    • ‘They also are superior in strength to the lighter weight aluminum headrails frequently sold today.’
    • ‘Solid Ash headrails and bottomrails are supplied natural on natural weaves or coloured to match coloured weaves.’
    • ‘This keeps costs down for you if your headrails are still in perfect condition.’
    • ‘All control cords and headrails are colour co-ordinated.’
    • ‘The Deluxe headrail is a white aluminum with a choice of color coordinated fabric inserts.’
    • ‘If you would like more information about our curved headrails and how they could benefit you please feel free to contact us.’
    • ‘In addition, many of the products available on the market today come with sleek-looking headrails and other attractive features that make them a perfect product for a homeowner looking to block out light and gain privacy.’
    • ‘Cleaning the fabric covered headrail is similar to cleaning the fabric on the rest of the shading.’
    • ‘Options that are provided with the real wood blinds include fabric tapes, no holes or de-light feature, motorization, two on one headrails and three on one headrails.’
    • ‘The newly designed aluminium headrail promotes strength and design to the children's washroom range.’
    • ‘It provides an easily fitted and efficient method of light control and millions of these headrails are fitted throughout the world.’
    • ‘Continue to push the headrail upwards until the projecting lugs lock firmly into the headrail.’
    • ‘To complete the installation, attach the headrail to the installation brackets by tightening the wing nuts.’
    • ‘The headrails are suitable for use on 12 mm + panels and can be finished to match all other cubicle fittings.’
    • ‘Centrally located carrier stems make the headrails reversible for right or left installation.’