Definition of headpiece in English:



  • 1A device worn on the head as an ornament or to serve a function.

    • ‘Although feathers remained, hats, headwraps and heavily-decorated headpieces helped to enhance costumes.’
    • ‘Using silk flowers, crystals, fine silks and antique lace, the women sewed garters, ring pillows, purses for the bridal party, headpieces and veils.’
    • ‘I retrieved my gun first, and then pulled the headpiece out of the helmet.’
    • ‘I was distracted by their beautiful costumes: soft animal skin boots, striking headpieces with eagle and parrot feathers, elaborate silver concho belts, turquoise squash blossom jewellery, and tinkling ankle bells.’
    • ‘I stuck with maroon and gold and with a gold headpiece with a deep red veil.’
    • ‘Lucia is dressed in a white robe and crowned with a headpiece of candles.’
    • ‘Women have a choice of several feathered and sequined costumes, complete with chiffon trains and abundantly feathered headpieces, all coordinated according to the seven sections the band is presenting.’
    • ‘The headpieces, which looked like mops, draped from the heads of the revellers, bounced up and down as they moved across the stage.’
    • ‘They did, however, place a headpiece on her head that resembled a dunce cap.’
    • ‘With short, ruffled tops and skirts and headpieces for the women, and large, ruffle-sleeved tops and white pants for the men, the group danced conga oriental, a common diversion during Cuba's Carnaval.’
    • ‘It's very comfortable, almost like a leotard, and the headpiece is soft - you can put jewels everywhere and make it your own.’
    • ‘There are six costume changes, with different headpieces for each, and they're all amazing, just beautiful.’
    • ‘For the present at least, the huge drops are being kept in air-conditioned storage and the other properties, slippers, costumes, and headpieces, wait for the courts to decide who are their rightful owners.’
    • ‘I found a really nice picture of my face during a rehearsal of Swan Lake, when we were wearing our headpieces and bits of our costume.’
    • ‘More searching turned up golden slippers, and a hair net of pearls and moonstones, held on by a headpiece that looked like a combination between a circlet and a headband.’
    • ‘Once he was sure that they were on tight and snug, he donned the gloves that were more deserving of the name ‘gauntlets’, and a special headpiece that featured yellow lenses worn over the eyes.’
    • ‘Her elaborate headpiece looked like a much exaggerated crown.’
    • ‘The 10 female dancers of this Sydney-based company, bedecked in richly colored costumes and jewelled headpieces, performed in late July for a total of three shows.’
    • ‘June on the other hand had a gorgeous white wedding dress with lace and satin and a beautiful headpiece.’
    • ‘People wear lots of jewelry: large chunks of amber, and semiprecious stones, headpieces with bead work and feathers, large ornate silver ornaments shaped into Celtic knots.’
    crown, coronet, tiara, circlet, chaplet, headband, fillet, wreath, garland
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  • 2An illustration or ornamental motif printed at the head of a chapter in a book.

    ‘he provided twenty headpieces, plus eight full-page illustrations’
  • 3The part of a halter or bridle that fits over the top of a horse's head behind the ears.