Definition of headmost in English:



  • (chiefly of a ship) holding a position in advance of others; foremost.

    • ‘Shute ordered that before the Indians come to meet they fly a ‘British Flagg’ in their ‘headmost Canoo.’’
    • ‘At noon our headmost ships were pretty near them, and between one and two, the Warspite and Dorsetshire began to fire, and were then abreast of the Cardinal rocks.’
    • ‘We immediately bore down upon them and about nine got close to the weather quarter of the largest and headmost ship.’
    • ‘Our admiral had brought his squadron to anchor in a single line, his headmost ship being close to a small island, forming the neck of land upon which the fort of Aboukir is built.’
    • ‘At 10 A.M. the headmost vessel fired a shot, and hoisted a red flag.’