Definition of headmistress in English:



  • A woman who is the head teacher in a school.

    • ‘It's like the headmistress of your secondary school has legged it and the PE teachers have spotted their chance to seize power.’
    • ‘Huxley also typed in the advances Bernard makes to Eton's headmistress during the showing of the Penitentes film.’
    • ‘The headmistress of Rainhall Road Primary School, Barnoldswick, issued a blunt warning regarding statements about the closure of the school.’
    • ‘The new headmistress of Horton-in-Ribblesdale primary school says she is more than ready for the challenges that lie ahead.’
    • ‘Anna was Windstone's headmistress, he didn't need any specific grades to get in as long as she thought he was ready.’
    • ‘It happened that Hone was educated in a school, strange to say, whose headmistress was a Wesleyan.’
    • ‘We also reveal today a shocking incident which took place last week, when an eight-year-old boy at a Glasgow primary school assaulted his headmistress so severely she required hospitalisation.’
    • ‘Anna was the headmistress of a boarding school, her senses and ability to catch children in the wrong were quite well exercised.’
    • ‘There are five teachers plus a headmistress, and a classroom and school facilities, including computers and the Internet.’
    • ‘I know Mrs Havelock, the headmistress at my junior school didn't really approve of the word nice, but in this case it truly was.’
    • ‘I had to beg Michael to delay his trip and it took a good while to convince the headmistress at Jenny's school to allow her yet another week away from school, but in the end I had both my brother and my best friend with me on my wedding day.’
    • ‘Jack faltered in her charge towards her headmistress: you didn't want to mess with her when she was busy.’
    • ‘The first headmistress of Altrincham Grammar School for Girls was once a tutor to royal children and the school is to be given priceless sketches of the Queen Mother and the Prince of Wales by Salford artist Harold Riley to mark the occasion.’
    • ‘Elizabeth Lister has been the headmistress at Westgate Primary School, on Scarborough Road, for the past nine years or so.’
    • ‘The school's headmistress, Karima Hassan Ahmad, says with fresh paint, new supplies and a place to display their artwork, they're expressing themselves like never before.’
    • ‘The headmistress of our primary school said the schools will not be aware of how they are ranked.’
    • ‘She had picked up his weaved basket and now began picking out the carrots that were big enough to do for he old headmistress's liking.’
    • ‘His father is a captain in the British Guards and his mother is the headmistress of a prep school in England.’
    • ‘Ivy Starkie, the headmistress of Threshfield Primary School for the past 25 years, retired.’
    • ‘What drives the narrative besides the twins' twin voices are the fractured testimonies of those who have known them all their lives, including their Nan and headmistress and a doctor who treats them and one of their brothers.’
    • ‘Suddenly there was a knock on the door and the small, stern headmistress stepped in.’
    • ‘She sounded like a school teacher - a headmistress - telling a child to stay behind, prepare for a detention.’
    • ‘And there is actually in the book, there's a true story from first headmistress of a school we went to when we were very young.’
    • ‘People used to think I was joking when I told them the headmistress of my Glasgow convent school warned us that if we wore patent shoes to the school dance, they might reflect our underwear.’
    • ‘They even got me to stop complaining about the silliness of a peasant girl learning to read by enlisting the aid of Mistress Sherath, the mage who served as the school's headmistress.’
    • ‘He was taken to the ‘sick room’, where he was told to lay down for a while, and the headmistress phoned his dad, (I was away for the weekend with my hubby).’
    • ‘When we got there, there was a long hallway with portraits of the past headmasters and headmistresses hanging on the walls and an oak doorway at the end of the hall.’
    • ‘At Walthamstow High School for Girls the headmistress called in the police to barricade the young women in the school with police vans.’
    • ‘One of Rogers's earliest moves as headmistress was to revise the school's awards policy.’
    • ‘Twenty-two sheep found themselves with a week's detention at Ingleton Middle School after the headmistress, Mary Parker, impounded the woolly creatures.’
    • ‘All of their successors have been women, including one lesbian headmistress who is now retired and living with the school's head French teacher.’
    • ‘Louisa Barrett is the beautiful blonde headmistress of the watery city's only girls' prep school, and an ideal amateur detective.’
    • ‘Inside, headmistress Ibistam Mahdi cuts a yellow ribbon, and thanks the men through a translator.’
    • ‘To truly understand what is taking place, we must go back ten years, when the school's headmistress was only thirteen years of age.’
    • ‘I would have said it to any other teacher in the school, but the headmistress was going a bit far.’
    • ‘Winning competitions is definitely a bonus, and Philip is even given time off by his headmistress at Oldfield Primary School to take part.’
    • ‘Sent to Allenswood school in England at fifteen, Eleanor was inspired by headmistress Marie Souvestre.’
    • ‘We both got dragged of to the headmistress, but I swear from that day on she never bothered me again and nor did anyone else.’
    • ‘The creamy walls of both floors were lined with paintings of old headmasters and headmistresses, bowls of fruit, Paris operas, and fairy tale adventures.’
    • ‘I didn't want to hear that this was the headmistress of Beth's school; the one that kept her from us at Thanksgiving.’
    leader, chief, boss, controller, master, supervisor, governor, superintendent, foreman, forewoman, headman
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