Definition of headlight in English:


(also headlamp)


  • A powerful light at the front of a motor vehicle or railway engine.

    • ‘We would head down a different alley, only to find the headlights swinging round in front of us again.’
    • ‘A bug bounced off of the light of the headlights, dancing in and out of the halo of white.’
    • ‘They were caught by the photographer, like rabbits in front of the headlights of a car.’
    • ‘Present-day motor vehicle headlamps are the product of a long evolutionary process.’
    • ‘For the last person into goal we nearly had to turn on the car headlights for landing lights at the airstrip.’
    • ‘All new models get a new front bumper design, new headlamps and tail lights, a new front grille and revised power vents.’
    • ‘Plug the wiring connector into the back of the new headlight and place the light in the mounting base.’
    • ‘The car comes very well equipped and the self adjusting xenon headlights are powerful.’
    • ‘A second look, however, reveals extra chrome, a reprofiled front bumper, new fog lamps and a slight redesign to the front grille and headlamps.’
    • ‘These include a large radiator grille, almond-shaped headlamps and a redesigned profile.’
    • ‘The restyled headlamps and front grille help to give it a sportier, meaner look.’
    • ‘From the outside, the new model can be distinguished by its new front and rear bumper sections, new headlamps and grille up front, and new clear lens lamp clusters at the back.’
    • ‘It also confuses the eye, and often you're left wondering whether that's a street light or a headlight you're rushing towards.’
    • ‘Large headlights are repeated in the size and styling of the rear light clusters.’
    • ‘A motor vehicle headlight has a light source cooperating with optical means to produce a beam which is generally spread widthwise.’
    • ‘Purchase a headlight for the front of your bike, and then attach it to the center of your handlebars or another location of your choosing.’
    • ‘The most apparent changes are to the radiator grille design, with newly designed headlamps and tail lights, as well as refined interior fittings.’
    • ‘All other lights in the car are used to enhance or reinforce the light emitted by the headlamps so that the vehicle would be clearly visible as it is driven down the road.’
    • ‘I have no idea why anyone needs heated seats, electric mirrors or windscreen wipers on the headlights.’
    • ‘I also had to change the headlights because the lights that it came with were incandescent.’
    lamp, torch, flashlight
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