Definition of headless in English:



  • 1(of a body) having no head.

    ‘a headless corpse’
    • ‘The neighborhoods are populated with old, dilapidated houses with overgrown lawns full of cinder blocks and headless dolls floating in rusty water barrels.’
    • ‘Smugglers made it the subject of a number of ghost stories, including the common one of a phantom black coach drawn by four headless black horses.’
    • ‘Initial reports described numerous casualties because witnesses initially mistook the headless figures for people.’
    • ‘Officers say two headless birds were found on farmland, and another pair had their necks snapped.’
    • ‘The person who took it is absolutely convinced that it's a photo of the headless ghost who walks around the castle walls.’
    • ‘The headless bodies of seven people were discovered.’
    • ‘Shabby squeak-toys and the headless action figures of a thousand neglectful tots rose from the unkempt lawns.’
    • ‘He appears as an eerie mannequin: although elegantly clad in a hunting coat and breeches, he is headless as if he has just been put through a guillotine.’
    • ‘A permanent installation by a Polish artist features 112 larger than life-size, headless cast-iron figures.’
    • ‘A headless statue of Minerva was sold for £1000.’
  • 2(of an object) lacking a tip, end, or top part.

    • ‘David is sat on a stool with a headless guitar, strumming and singing.’
    • ‘Room service is often slow and those funny headless hangers never work.’
    • ‘I swigged a strangely headless pint of stout, got to know my rather personable and engaging coursemates a little better, and generally had a grand time.’
    • ‘According to tradition he fell at Dittingdale, near Castlebridge, struck in the throat by a headless arrow.’
    • ‘They were the manufacturer of headless guitars.’
    1. 2.1 (of a nail, pin, etc.) lacking a flattened or knobbed end.
      ‘headless nails’
      • ‘A pin-nailer works on air pressure and shoots headless nails or pins into a trim to hold it against a wall.’
      • ‘The screws and plates implanted in a damaged hip or knee can cost a pretty penny — $382 in the case of a 3-milimeter headless compression screw.’
      • ‘Since the pins are headless, they tend to leave less-noticeable holes than in the case of regular nailing.’
      • ‘Had they been in possession of a handful of headless nails and a hammer, they could have spiked Wellington's artillery.’
      • ‘The first machine-cut nails were flat and headless.’
    2. 2.2 (of a flower or vegetable) lacking a compact mass of leaves or flowers at the top of the stem.
      ‘strange, headless flowers’
      ‘headless cabbages’
      • ‘I came home and peered into the pot and saw headless artichokes.’
      • ‘The Greeks cultivated headless cabbages and invested them with a religious significance.’
      • ‘He also sold bouquets of nettles, thistles, and headless flower stalks.’
      • ‘From surviving pictures and reliefs, it is clear that Egyptian cabbage was headless.’
      • ‘Despite the violence, the riot shields, the tear gas, the headless flowers and the smashed cars, there was actually very little trouble this week, considering.’
  • 3(of an organization) lacking a person in charge; having no director or leader.

    ‘the department is headless’
    ‘the bank is currently headless’
    • ‘He left the organisation headless for quite some time.’
    • ‘It is worthwhile to mention that the department has been headless for the past one month.’
    • ‘Both sides easily persuaded the headless ministry to abolish itself.’
    • ‘They cannot hope to begin meeting the very basic services and housing needs of a significant segment of the population while effectively running headless government departments.’
    • ‘Many governmental organisations are headless because they have not bothered to recommend the right candidates.’
    • ‘Right now it is a headless party, with the leader's extended sojourn in England.’
    • ‘That's why the church is like what it is at the moment — a headless church.’
    • ‘I talked about "swarming" and the accusation that bloggers are a "headless mob".’
    • ‘We have welfare officers who each have a dozen headless families to look after.’
    • ‘"A headless republic would offer the ultimate minimalist model, clearly avoiding the danger of an elected presidency becoming an alternative and destabilising source of power," he says.’
  • 4Having no sense; stupid.

    ‘headless idiots who can't string more than two passes together’
    • ‘You may call me optimist or headless fan, but I really doubt there will be any hint of dubstep on the album.’
    • ‘He was known to have called the player "tactically naive" after some of his more headless performances last season.’
    • ‘His misery was further compounded by the needless and headless sending off of the influential defender.’
    • ‘It's a shame that stories aren't unbiased anymore and have opinions that the headless take as fact.’
    • ‘The anxiety attacks that are already afflicting MPs will be the more likely to swell into headless panic about losing the next election.’