Definition of heading dog in English:

heading dog


  • A working dog trained to head off livestock and drive them towards its handler.

    ‘they were managed much as sheep are controlled by heading dogs’
    • ‘I had a heading dog that I used to be dynamite on possums when I was a trapper.’
    • ‘He was a New Zealand black and white heading dog.’
    • ‘My female heading dog comes inside, travels with me many places and not in some dog box, loves working stock.’
    • ‘The Wakefield farmer and his heading dog took part in the annual sheepdog trials.’
    • ‘We could learn much from my heading dog, who sees cats as great sport.’
    • ‘I spent yesterday at Aotea harbor just north of Kawhia with my mistress (my female heading dog).’
    • ‘I had a heading dog as a pet and he'd herd anything.’
    • ‘They are working dogs, and no cuter or more highly trained than a heading dog.’
    • ‘I put the dogs on to him and my heading dog grabs hold of his nose.’
    • ‘I have heading dog who travels with me just about everywhere.’