Definition of heading in English:



  • 1A title at the head of a page or section of a book.

    ‘chapter headings’
    • ‘It has no table of contents, no chapter titles or headings and no index.’
    • ‘But before you rush to the shops, be aware that this work contains steeply off-putting section titles and chapter headings, many favouring the riff-plus-triplet form academic publishing gets such a kick out of.’
    • ‘As a designer, Chris had the advantage of being able to create the covers and illustrations, lay out the pages and headings, and design the bookmarks, posters and in-store leaflets he would use to market the books.’
    • ‘Lastly, ensure that page titles and headings reflect the targeted keywords relevant to the content that the user will find on the page.’
    • ‘Section headings in the body of the book would certainly have been useful and a brief editorial article setting the section into the context of the wider issues surrounding electronic commerce.’
    • ‘Search engines consider headings, page titles, bold and linked text to be more important and relevant and the precise wording of these sections of your content are extremely important.’
    • ‘Oh yes, if you want to know why there are exclamation marks on the ends of the title and chapter headings, it's because it makes things less serious.’
    • ‘Some local yellow pages may have them listed under alternative lifestyle headings, some yellow pages in more conservative areas may not offer that as an option.’
    • ‘The contents of every book burned within it, blazed from it; located not merely in its binding or its pictures, they were enshrined in chapter headings and opening letters, paragraphs and lines.’
    • ‘Thanks for all the compliments for my chapter headings and titles.’
    • ‘The rest of the book is similarly designed to engage, with chapter headings such as What Sex Is My Brain?’
    • ‘In the book each chapter heading is based on a myth.’
    • ‘All pages should have clear headings, subheads, and short paragraphs.’
    • ‘Just a list of key chapter headings and topics - desegregation, finance, structural reform, school choice, inclusion - reveals the book's ambitious scope.’
    • ‘No liner notes are included, not even an insert listing chapter headings.’
    • ‘In this moment, the idea for a book came to me, inspired and complete with chapter headings and title: Healing Through the Dark Emotions.’
    • ‘Marginal notes, footnotes, and end notes and headings to a section are not to be taken to be part of the Act.’
    • ‘The phrase is used as a section heading in the book's table of contents.’
    • ‘There is also an interesting chapter on how to write headings, titles, and links to help make your content more accessible for those searching and skimming your pages.’
    • ‘Save decorative fonts for recipe titles or chapter headings.’
    title, caption, legend, subtitle, subheading, wording, rubric, inscription, name, headline, banner headline
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    1. 1.1 A division of a subject; a class or category.
      ‘this topic falls under four main headings’
      • ‘The costs of running a bus and/or coach fleet are best categorized under five broad headings.’
      • ‘But if we remove the category headings and combine, say, dew, drink, tears and weep, the distinction is not so readily apparent; such terms' associational relevance is far more complex.’
      • ‘After all categories were established and raw data was grouped under category headings, I studied the data for thematic connections within and among them.’
      • ‘The grants are allocated under two main headings.’
      • ‘The document is divided into three main headings.’
      • ‘The clear presentation, category headings and search tool make browsing a doddle.’
      • ‘Twenty-six landscape construction projects were selected and categorized under the headings of landforms, pavement, site structures, or water.’
      • ‘This is a chart where the main heading is circled in the middle of a piece of paper, and arrows stretch outwards in various directions to more circles containing sub-headings.’
      • ‘Ireland is the first EU country to ‘go live’ with its website, which provides consumers with data under four main headings.’
      • ‘The heading of Division 2 is dealing with industrial disputes.’
      • ‘They also developed forms of church order, discipline, and consultation, ethical teaching, ways of initiation, and short summaries of the main headings of their faith which eventually became creeds.’
      • ‘It includes 3 main headings, i.e., Muscle, Skeletal and Function (feet and legs).’
      • ‘Main category headings are computerization, field equipment, fleets, marketing, measurement, odorization, pipelines, and miscellaneous.’
      • ‘The awards are been organised for business people of all ages under various category headings.’
      • ‘Subjects that fall under various category headings tend to be very wide ranging and are open to different interpretations by different people.’
      • ‘In summary the theoretical expectations for these nations initially can be grouped under four main headings.’
      • ‘Responses were categorized under three headings: brand-name product, package feature, and nutrition-related information.’
      • ‘The long-term consequences of HR outcomes are considered under three main headings: individual well-being, organizational effectiveness, and societal well-being.’
      • ‘After discussion within our large group of pulmonary physicians we selected topics under four broad headings.’
      • ‘We can consider God's miraculous, creative power under three main headings.’
      category, division, classification, class, categorization, head, section, group, grouping, subject, topic, branch, department
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  • 2A direction or bearing.

    ‘he crawled on a heading of 90 degrees until he came to the track’
    • ‘With the aircraft at a height of about 320 ft on a south-easterly heading in fine weather, workers on the drilling rig heard a loud bang.’
    • ‘Directional or compass information enables an animal to maintain a consistent heading in a particular direction such as north or east.’
    • ‘In our silence we became invisible to the approaching group and they veered course and took a heading that led them directly to Ben and Kim.’
    • ‘The result is that your autopilot will usually hold headings close to south noticeably more accurately than when heading north.’
    • ‘The track changed maybe 15 degrees its direction of heading there.’
    • ‘Runway 1 would point to a compass heading of approximately 10 degrees or slightly northeast.’
    • ‘The Blue Horizon was on a seldom-used shipping lane, its heading intersected by a small red dot a short distance in front of them.’
    • ‘Use the clock technique (12 o'clock means toward the front) or cardinal directions for headings.’
    • ‘A couple of joggers passed by, and a short while later a lady with a pram, but BJ didn't deviate one degree from his Northerly heading.’
    • ‘They would confirm our heading and clear us direct when they could.’
    • ‘Home seemed an especially good idea now, and I acquired a direct heading back to PSAB.’
    • ‘Up comes the runway, and you can read the numbers painted at the end: runway 22, pointed toward a heading of 220 degrees.’
    • ‘Our headings were 90 degrees out, and I knew we passed directly in front of him because his lights changed from dim to bright to dim again, with no apparent change in aspect.’
  • 3A horizontal passage made in preparation for building a tunnel.

    • ‘A top heading is first excavated, and then a bench that is sometimes split further into bench and invert sections is constructed.’
    1. 3.1Mining
      another term for drift (sense 4 of the noun)
      • ‘We had no such system and it would perhaps have flagged up a problem elsewhere in the mine that was being drawn into our heading.’
  • 4A strip of cloth at the top of a curtain above the hooks or wire by which it is suspended.