Definition of headily in English:



  • See heady

    • ‘I'd like to recommend an experience that should send the sales of conservatories soaring and which is also possibly one of the most headily sensuous you are likely to find this far north of the equator.’
    • ‘Once, she was so headily in love with a man that she committed to spending the remainder of her days alongside him.’
    • ‘But that should not be to diminish a production that is as enjoyable as it is headily ambitious.’
    • ‘There is a rare but distinct pink-berried mutation, Chardonnay Rose, as well as a headily perfumed Chardonnay Blanc Musqué version, sometimes used in blends.’
    • ‘The second disc boasts some commercial tuneage, but married to headily unusual instrumentation and mood-swings.’
    • ‘The picture on the packet shows bright pink blooms but, in fact, they are a headily tropical mix of hot pinks, scarlets and orange, with petals the texture of crinkly crepe paper.’