Definition of headend in English:



  • A control centre in a cable television system where various signals are brought together and monitored before being introduced into the cable network.

    • ‘Those antennas deliver mobile cell phone signals that are transmitted back to the antennas and over the cable plant to the headend and into the Public Switched Telephone Network.’
    • ‘Located at the headend, the CTMS controls the way digital data streams move in and out of a cable network.’
    • ‘‘It's a combination of the headend and the modems which provide the monitoring solution,’ he pointed out.’
    • ‘The addressability system provides an interface between a billing system and a controller which is linked between a headend and a customer's converter.’
    • ‘‘You can push all this content to the cable headend so that it's all sitting there resident on some server, and then when users access it from their cable modems it's already there,’ he says.’
    • ‘When a cable modem is first installed by a cable operator or powered up by a user, it must first locate or tune in to the correct downstream channel in order to receive data from the headend of the cable plant.’
    • ‘Nor is there enough expertise in fixing digital boxes and modems or building the headends necessary to deliver the services to customers.’
    • ‘It used to be that the cable headend was a compact little area behind the system office with a few racks of equipment to receive and deliver video signals and, if so inclined, the occasional audio channel.’
    • ‘As cable headends get more complex and intelligent, so do the demands on the employees who manage them.’
    • ‘He sees one of the hottest areas of interest is in increasing bandwidth from the headend to the home, but he cautions that doesn't necessarily mean a direct fiber link.’
    • ‘One vendor told me an MSO chief engineer said headends are becoming, essentially, network operation centers these days.’
    • ‘The company builds proprietary digital headends that it says let smaller systems get into the new realms of digital television, high-speed Internet and telephony services.’
    • ‘On the cable side, it can be used in headends to route information from cable modems to the Internet backbone, Ramsay said.’
    • ‘Once the studios are comfortable with using those networks for internal purposes, the next obvious steps would include using these networks for distribution - to movie theatres, cable headends, or anywhere else.’
    • ‘Everybody is marching down that road to upgrade their networks, consolidate their headends, consolidate their operating centers.’
    • ‘That is a huge value chain - they own the headends, and they can control all that.’
    • ‘We've introduced all of these very sophisticated systems and devices into the plant and into the headend.’
    • ‘Instead, it would handle the transactions by pooling and directing customer orders through a network of servers located at MSO headends, all controlled by a central commerce center.’
    • ‘With modems set at lower power, theoretically a provider can service more customers through a single DSL Access Multiplexer - the telephone equivalent of a headend.’
    • ‘If operators were to use today's transmitters, their headends would be overwhelmed.’