Definition of headbutt in English:



  • An aggressive and forceful thrust with the top of the head into the face or body of another person.

    ‘he tries a headbutt, which I dodge’
    • ‘Their captain said it wasn't a headbutt but we'll see what happens.’
    • ‘In one episode there was a headbutt and someone was shown hotwiring a car.’
    • ‘Once he comes up on an opponent, he can lay out most enemies with punches or headbutts, even triggering a spinning attack to incapacitate thugs.’
    • ‘The seals overran the sole occupant of the station in 1971, forcing him into the ocean with headbutts and angry braying.’
    • ‘After she asked questions, she noticed a small mark on one officer's face - allegedly the result of a headbutt - grow into a much bigger graze.’
    • ‘His son needed seven stitches to a gashed lip, caused by the headbutt and a plastic glass being smashed into his face.’
    • ‘When a fight is stopped due to an accidental headbutt, it means a technical win for the boxer ahead on points at the time of the stoppage.’
    • ‘Well I'm with Adam B - I don't think it was a particularly good headbutt - if indeed a headbutt can be good.’
    • ‘Having recovered from the headbutt, it was followed up by an immediate thrusting of the defendant's hand into his face.’
    • ‘I got a headbutt early on that cut my eye and the ref didn't respond like he's supposed to.’
    • ‘A swift headbutt and a hard slam into my own solar plexus left me gasping for breath and I closed in for the kill so to speak.’
    • ‘I've got this soccer video and the headbutts are vicious looking, whereas in the United States I've seen lots of fights and not one headbutt thrown intentionally.’
    • ‘How can a player indulge in a deliberate headbutt, yet claim he didn't mean to injure?’
    • ‘He'd mill around before his shows, talking to people, giving out headbutts and howls to his fans.’
    • ‘However it was marred just before the end when an Allenwood player had to be removed to hospital for stitches following a nasty headbutt from an opponent.’
    • ‘I almost expected him to say something about exacting that pain to me, but he merely bowled me over with a charging headbutt, smashing me into the wall.’
    • ‘So I didn't feel the shot when I got up, I felt the headbutt.’
    • ‘Adrian threw a few more punches and headbutts at the thief, bringing him to his knees.’
    • ‘I can tell you it wasn't an intentional headbutt.’
    • ‘Yeah, that's what music should be: rock 'n' roll, headbutts, and a hug.’


[with object]
  • Attack (someone) with a headbutt.

    ‘while I have him by the lapels I headbutt him across the face’
    • ‘But he took a tougher view in the case of the youth accused of punching a victim ‘as hard as possible’ many times and headbutting him.’
    • ‘I didn't get riled when he bit me or when he put my arm in a lock on the blind side of the referee and tried to break it or when he headbutted me and opened up a cut that needed 17 stitches.’
    • ‘I had pulled him off the other lad and he headbutted me to get away.’
    • ‘Because of a severe stroke he suffered in 2001 which left him unable to speak, he was unable to answer and the youth attacked him with a bottle before headbutting him several times.’
    • ‘Then, 15 months after being capped, shortly after serving a 20-week suspension for headbutting an opponent, he was caught up in Britain's most extensive synchronised crime operation.’
    • ‘That's how awful I felt when I was a little kid and this bully headbutted me.’
    • ‘When she refused, he headbutted her, splitting her lip open.’
    • ‘Also on January 5 a 49-year-old man was headbutted in Leweston Place.’
    • ‘Then seconds later the man demanded the lad hand over his phone and when he refused the thug headbutted him before taking a swing at him and punching him in the face.’
    • ‘A schoolboy told yesterday how a thug headbutted him and tried to gouge out his eyes after he refused to hand over his mobile phone.’
    • ‘He headbutted me and put his dirty paws all over my skirt.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, when he got back up, he overbalanced and fell forward, headbutting me in the nose!’
    • ‘He was headbutted during a street brawl in Trowbridge last month and bitten on the hand as he dealt with a domestic incident in Westbury over Christmas.’
    • ‘After refusing to leave the cell, one inmate, a cocaine and heroin addict serving seven years for violent robberies, headbutted the officer.’
    • ‘A young man who regularly uses cannabis followed a fellow bus passenger and headbutted him for no reason, Isleworth Crown Court heard on Monday.’
    • ‘When one refused he was headbutted twice and punched.’
    • ‘I also knew she had assaulted an officer on a previous occasion by headbutting him.’
    • ‘A disabled man was attacked by a laughing thug who punched and headbutted him to the ground.’
    • ‘The 16-year-old victim was headbutted by one of the culprits who, like some others in the gang, was wearing a motorcycle crash helmet.’
    • ‘Arming himself with a snooker cue he knocked on Mr Murphy's door, headbutted him and began an attack lasting more than five minutes.’
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