Definition of headbanging in English:



mass noun
  • 1Violent rhythmic shaking of the head by fans of heavy metal music.

    • ‘Scream-driven vocal wrath, coupled with the perfectly timed headbanging of their collectively copious amounts of hair, made for a great let's have-a-party-with-our-mates mentalism.’
    • ‘Yep, aggressive lyrics and guitar riffs, all backed by the trademark thumping drums, with only moments of calm to provide a respite from the headbanging.’
    • ‘Vanessa deftly guided the performance of her music from behind a piano, demonstrating some superb musical director headbanging during upbeat moments.’
    • ‘He'd let his black hair down and it was messy from some heavy headbanging and him running his fingers through the shoulder-length locks.’
    • ‘Considering S&M's short opening set, their infusion of headbanging added a much-needed element of danger.’
    • ‘Melissa and I were kicked out for headbanging and making Devil horns with our hands.’
    • ‘Instead, it lurches around like the soundtrack to a bullet-riddled zombie movie set in a New Orleans graveyard, with heavy, sleazy blues-touched aggressive headbanging alternating with more atmospheric moments.’
    • ‘So there's a lot of headbanging in the dressing room.’
    • ‘Loud music and headbanging are on the menu tomorrow night as a tsunami fundraising concert is set to rock revellers.’
    • ‘Sadly, there'll be no headbanging along in a car to this one, as its a little too off the wall for its own good - and a rather messy way of bringing the album to a close.’
    • ‘Instead, it's old-fashioned dexterous bombast, headbanging with caution and poise enough to harness wild arpeggios, but never letting a pedigree get in the way of impassioned squawking and battering.’
    • ‘I'm the slightly more wussy guy who is one step away from dislocating his neck due to headbanging, and Adam's the big kickboxing man into happy hardcore dance’
    • ‘I have yet to see them live, but each time one of their songs comes on my ipod, I stop my headbanging for a minute and wonder ‘who is this again?’’
    • ‘One that understands that rock 'n' roll is as much about songwriting, as it is about headbanging.’
    • ‘Corpsegrinder, the current lead singer, does some of the toughest headbanging I've ever witnessed in person.’
    • ‘After all, just when you're getting your squeeze on, it breaks out into this heavy beat and you're left sort of half slow-dancing, half headbanging - awkward!’
    • ‘Finally, a band that doesn't just perform a bunch of disappointing covers or engage in excessive headbanging while pretending they know something about music.’
    • ‘The trick is that they bounce and groove through a variety of styles without ever coming off as forced or cheesy - joining the headbanging with the heartbroken and the laidback.’
    • ‘While the latter element veers dangerously close to rap-metal territory and there is a decided lack of double-time blasts for maximum headbanging, you'll spend most of this album being too shocked at how well it all works to really care.’
  • 2Violent rocking of the body and shaking or knocking of the head, by children or mentally disordered adults.