Definition of headbanger in English:



  • 1A fan or performer of heavy metal music.

    • ‘And to rub salt into the already gangrenous wounds of headbangers, the band members also cut their hair, a no-no in the world of metal.’
    • ‘Ottawa isn't known for it's headbangers, but it seemed that every metalhead in the city turned out for this show.’
    • ‘Although my own short-lived nu metal days were finished by the time I turned 16, it was obvious to anyone in attendance that these guys would stand out in a field of sound-alike headbangers.’
    • ‘There's everything there from jazz to headbangers.’
    • ‘Gay artists have a real reason to fear homophobic rejection, or at least a dimming of enthusiasm, from the headbangers in the pit.’
    • ‘And, of course, there'll be the now famous and much awaited rock show for the city's legions of headbangers.’
    • ‘The music was brilliant (even for an old headbanger like me!)’
    • ‘Fortunately, headbangers aren't the only ones getting lean, mean and green.’
    • ‘How they are so popular with the headbangers is beyond me.’
    • ‘It may sound like faint praise, but the band's ability to make plainly dyspeptic headbangers that really bang is no small feat at a time when powerful popular dissent and effective mainstream rock are both in such short supply.’
    • ‘But therein lies this band's curse: they're headbangers in disguise, complete with lame ballads and interludes and solos that would make most punks reel.’
    • ‘Caustic yet cohesive, the band's old-school punk rock sound has evolved into a real headbanger's ball.’
    • ‘With a nostalgic nod to classic metal soloing and a jack-hammer delivery, the band have hit upon a mixture of old metal and nu metal that should please all ages of headbangers.’
    • ‘Yet given the fact that this headbanger's journey comes complete with a virtually non-stop metal soundtrack and is clearly a one-sided argument, it seems churlish to pretend that it was made for anyone but the die-hard metal brigade.’
    • ‘‘There will be something for the headbangers and something for those who like soulful music as well,’ says Sam.’
    • ‘Every summer for the last five years, this northern Scandinavian city has brought together airheads, headbangers and rockers for the competition.’
    • ‘Too hard for popsters, too twisted for arena-rock headbangers and too subversive for all but the most open-minded listeners, they dealt with taboo subjects with a bizarre wit and hard-rocking drive.’
    • ‘For an audience filled with professional headbangers, waiting to get their rock and rolls off with their favorite brand of brazen electrical cacophony, this is a risk of monumental proportions.’
    • ‘I put the radio on my favorite headbanger's station, and put it on full blast.’
    • ‘But using lightweight digital equipment, the filmmakers roved around the Calgary area (with Lawrence and Spence in character) and captured scenes of interaction with actual headbangers.’
  • 2A mad or eccentric person.

    ‘he was either a business genius or a complete headbanger’
    • ‘A right-wing headbanger in kitten heels is still a right-wing headbanger.’
    • ‘My side is taking a long view that the longer this goes on the better, in the hope that the headbangers wake up to the reality.’
    • ‘Earlier this month, we reported how there was confusion over the resource accounting budget - an issue that few others have bothered to even investigate, preferring instead to listen to the headbangers in the Scottish Parliament.’
    • ‘‘I've always thought you would have to be a complete headbanger as a woman to want periods,’ suggests Baird.’
    • ‘In all likelihood some were headbangers who failed lamentably at school.’
    madman, madwoman, maniac, lunatic
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