Definition of headage in English:



  • mass noun, often as modifier The number of animals held as stock on a farm.

    ‘headage limits for sheep’
    • ‘To change the system of payment will lead to income losses mostly on suckler cow and sheep farms that are highly dependent on headage.’
    • ‘The decisions cover the distribution of the national envelope, the milk quota limit for the suckler cow and the headage limit for the special beef premium scheme.’
    • ‘In the long term, support from government and from the EU cannot be based on headage payments and production subsidies.’
    • ‘The CSO said the structure of agricultural subsidies changed significantly this year due to reforms in agricultural policy and the introduction of the Single Payment Scheme for farmers to replace headage payments.’
    • ‘We don't spend our time sniping at farmers' headage payments.’
    • ‘It's disgraceful that the Minister for Agriculture is trying to buy our vote by paying out headage payments to the farmers.’
    • ‘Since the beginning of this year, some 1.3 million cheques have been issued to farmers under the various livestock headage and premium schemes.’
    • ‘The choices he was speaking about will arise directly from the breaking of the link between production and subsidies through the effective abolition of headage premiums/quotas.’
    • ‘But without the £17 to £18 headage payment each animal used to attract, there is not enough cash to really justify the business.’
    • ‘Thankfully, combine harvesters have become more plentiful in Ireland 2003, although it would be nice for Cooley Peninsula farmers to resolve to return headage payments for non-existent sheep.’
    • ‘The amount paid will be 80% of the difference between what was received under the old headage scheme and new area-based regime.’
    • ‘The IFA's new member service and benefits package includes premium, headage, tillage aid, farm assist and credit support services, as well as personal accident cover for members.’
    • ‘When account is taken of the sheep headage scheme, the total amount paid to sheep farmers under the 2000 schemes topped £99 million.’
    • ‘It's true that the mountains have been totally over-stocked with sheep, as farmers availed of EU headage grants and other incentives.’
    • ‘Despite some improvements in prices, the picture is not so bright for many in less favoured areas in Laois and especially those now depending on headage payments in the sheep and suckler sectors.’
    • ‘Last week, IFA sources in county Louth confirmed that the inspections could reveal irregularities, going back many years, in claims by sheep farmers for EU headage and subsidy payments.’
    • ‘Separate figures estimating net farm income to February 2004 showed that cattle and sheep farms in less-favoured areas saw a steady 21 per cent rise to a predicted £14, 500 income thanks to higher prices and headage payments.’
    • ‘This payment will be based on the amount of previous headage grants or other subsidies paid to farmers over a reference period of two years, 2000-2002.’
    • ‘He also noted that EU direct payments, especially headage payments, to farmers will increase again this year.’
    • ‘That you would need a doctorate in nuclear physics to understand fully the rules governing ewe premiums and headage payments and special density premiums.’