Definition of head waiter in English:

head waiter


  • The chief waiter in a restaurant.

    ‘I used to be head waiter at the Great Central Hotel’
    • ‘I often thought you went through life hoping only for the respect of your family, but the unqualified love of head waiters.’
    • ‘The head waiter, a heavily built, bespectacled man in his forties, wore a barely ironed shirt entirely untucked from his trousers.’
    • ‘Indeed, the buying of the coffee is usually left to the head waiter.’
    • ‘The head waiter wants to know what you'd like to drink.’
    • ‘At dinner that night, I only had to reach for the wine bottle when the head waiter raced across to pour it for me.’
    • ‘She had caviar when she was younger, when her grandfather was the head waiter at a country club.’
    • ‘He could speak very little English and in desperation took a job as a head waiter with an Italian restaurant chain.’
    • ‘At one restaurant, the head waiter brought a meal for our whippet in a silver bowl.’
    • ‘I was made the head waiter in the officer's club.’
    • ‘The former head waiter of an Indian restaurant has been jailed for his part in the riots—despite concerns over his health.’