Definition of head line in English:

head line


  • (in palmistry) the lower of the two horizontal lines that cross the palm of the hand, linked to the nature and strength of a person's mental faculties.

    • ‘The head line, which runs across the palm between the vitality and heart lines, reflects a person's thinking skills and ability to communicate, along with their capacity to make plans and take decisions.’
    • ‘His life line sloped up from his wrist, chained and deep, cutting through his palm until it reached his head line, only to wrap around that line and turn outwards towards his thumb.’
    • ‘They are identified by palmists as head lines, heart lines, life lines, and fate or destiny lines, and are alleged to be useful in predicting a person's future.’
    • ‘These lines are given names like the life line, the head line, the heart line, the Saturne line.’