Definition of head height in English:

head height


mass noun
  • The position of something when level with the height of a person's head.

    ‘a bullet ricocheted past us at head height, missing us by inches’
    • ‘A short walk in the mountains, often in snow drifts up to head height, was followed by a toboggan slide back to Grytviken.’
    • ‘Your net or rope is stretched between two poles or trees just above head height.’
    • ‘Some of the work was above my head height.’
    • ‘We climbed up to find a narrow slot just above head height, with enticing darkness beyond.’
    • ‘At various points, usually head height or above, narrow gaps allow a mere glimpse into that mysterious front-to-back depth.’
    • ‘He threw it across the room at head height, without any warning.’
    • ‘The walls he has built from rocks simply stop at head height without a ceiling.’
    • ‘This makes it possible to avoid obstacles with confidence—even obstacles at head height.’
    • ‘Lights along both sides, front to back, hang just above head height.’
    • ‘A sticker above head height, which no one reads, tells us it is for mature players of 15 years upwards.’