Definition of hazmat in English:


(also hazmats)


mass noun
  • Dangerous substances; hazardous material.

    as modifier ‘hazmat shipments’
    • ‘Wearing a hazmat suit to guard against possible infection, she collects tissue samples from a gorilla that died of Ebola virus in the Congo.’
    • ‘Our hospital has just got their hazmat team ready to roll.’
    • ‘There are also numerous training programs, including hazmat and ammonia training.’
    • ‘Firefighters and hazmat crews had to rush to the studios after a dangerous chemical spill.’
    • ‘I want the hazmat team and the governor to be contacted and informed of this!’
    • ‘The police department has been fielding eighty hazmat calls a day since this story broke.’
    • ‘That might be an appealing alternative to calling in a hazmat team every time a questionable substance is found.’
    • ‘I drove by there an hour ago and now it's a hazmat scene.’
    • ‘This company also provides hazmat emergency response.’
    • ‘They don their hazmat suits and speed off to locations to gather and test unknown white substances in envelopes.’
    • ‘The walls were lined with rows of lab coats, gas masks, and hazmat suits.’
    • ‘The influx of cash allowed the state to purchase things like a $116,000 hazmat response vehicle.’
    • ‘The researchers shadowed a hazmat team responding to a simulated terrorist attack.’
    • ‘He barely got to the end of the block before the first hazmat van arrived.’
    • ‘We're going to go ahead and set up decontamination zones and hazmat detection zones.’
    • ‘Turns out he had a hazmat response training session just last week.’
    • ‘The door in question was a large hazmat door constructed of 12-inch thick blast-proof metal.’
    • ‘There was a little decontamination unit out in the ambulance bay and hazmat suits everywhere.’
    • ‘The plane is loaded, except for one pallet of hazmat.’
    • ‘She was talking about that suspicious package that, courtesy of the hazmat team, was taken care of.’