Definition of haystack in English:



  • A packed pile of hay, typically with a pointed or ridged top.

    • ‘Even the speakers regard their own language as something only to be used for haystacks, peats, potatoes, or sheep.’
    • ‘Stacks of oats were scattered, haystacks turned over and roofs of houses and sheds were badly damaged.’
    • ‘There's no need to fear the wind if your haystacks are tied down.’
    • ‘The far field has some haystacks that need taking care of.’
    • ‘The farms were becoming fewer; their buildings stood out in sharp relief, as did the fences, trees and haystacks in the afternoon sun.’
    • ‘She told of riding a pony, sliding down the haystack and wading in the stream on the farm.’
    • ‘Some confiscated materials were found in the houses and some weapons were even found in manure piles and haystacks.’
    • ‘The conservationists at the reserve put up nesting boxes in haystacks bordering the grazing meadows.’
    • ‘The farmers had made the most beautiful haystacks, with bamboo supports.’
    • ‘I'd watch bugs, examine leaves, and stuff the cat in the spaces in the haystack by the horse barn, to see where she'd come out.’
    • ‘He uses 19th-century cameras to produce images of ordinary farm objects such as haystacks and homegrown vegetables.’
    • ‘Nests are located on cliffs, in haystacks, hollow trees, or in barns and old buildings.’
    • ‘Weather conditions are extreme at the moment and the Country Fire Authority is again warning farmers who are cutting hay to be careful their haystacks don't spontaneously combust.’
    • ‘There are also wagon rides, haystacks for climbing, and a corn maze for the children.’
    • ‘I was approaching the barn, going from haystack to haystack.’
    • ‘In the 1890s he made wintertime depictions of haystacks.’
    • ‘Many publications have reproductions of Claude Monet's paintings of haystacks.’
    • ‘The sun comes straight out of the clouds onto the haystacks.’
    • ‘There was a little house nearby and some haystacks that were there from harvest time.’
    • ‘How many of us must have larked around on haystacks as children and disturbed neatly stacked bales in order to make snug little houses?’
    rick, hayrick, stook, mow, haymow, barleymow
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