Definition of hayrick in English:



  • another term for haystack
    • ‘Small villages, hayricks, gloomy barns, steaming dung-heaps and frost blasted trees poked from the snow in black detail.’
    • ‘Peasants occupied common lands, cleared forest, butchered livestock, and burned hayricks.’
    • ‘They didn't even give him a standing ovation, and instead returned to a placid debate on the countryside, like snoozing farm hands propped up on hayricks.’
    • ‘As a lad he stood on a hayrick, the proud young Hamlet, giving utterances of greatness.’
    • ‘It was only when she placed her hands on my head and felt the childhood scar from my fall off a hayrick that she acknowledged me as her son.’
    • ‘A highland smell of dry grass and mould, smoke and hayricks, rode the breeze that pressed against her face.’